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Steve Sanderson demonstrates some prototypes for single page application development with ASP.NET 5, including a new Node Services NuGet package that allows for leveraging Node-based tools within an ASP.NET application. He shows off some interesting demos showing server-side rendering for Angular and React applications as well as the use of Babel for transpilation.





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The Discussion

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    Manuel Patrone

    Now, I wish that there will be a NodeServices.Aurelia also....

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    Great and excitement talk! Steven mentioned about publishing MusicStore SPA NG2 sample project. Where can we see it?

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    Very nice Steve!
    Where can i show the spa code?

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    Nice presentation. 

    But let's face it: ASP.NET becomes a middleware/wrapper to node.js. Then why not just use node.js directly? Of course ASP.NET still does do many other things. But it will fade away.

    Realtime applications? No need for stuff as EF and SignalR. Just take Firebase. It can't be easier. Also from a cost perspective it's much more cheaper. CDN, SSL etc, all included for nearly nothing compared to the freaking expensive Azure Services.

    The last thing which misses in my stack is a relational realtime database - sort of SQL Firebase.

    I switched from the microsoft stack lately because of Azure cost explosion and have to say that the alternative stack isn't only much cheaper. It's also faster and more productive.

    Nevertheless a good talk.

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    Code of the sample MusicStore application can be found in ASP.NET's GitHub account:

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    Hey Steve... so whats happening with KnockoutJS. That's that was used in the Azure portal no ?

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    Great presentation! Thanks Steve, It was suppose to publish MusicStore source code :D

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    YES, make this happen!  
    Wow, that was just as amazing as Steve's knockout presentation from Mix all those years ago.

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    Second the NodeServices.Aurelia request

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    It's like Christmas came earlier this year!

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    The concept of Isomorphic design and wrapping many SPA's within a bunch of Razor templates is the way to load and build the SPA within the client.  Excellent concept!

    I am having a lot of issues trying to build and run sample MusicStore application, lots of exceptions.   Running VS 2015, latest version of NodeJS.

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    +1 for Aurelia integration.

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    Absolutely amazing!  And +1 for Aurelia as well as Angular 2.

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    @Manuel Patrone:Don't worry they are working in it. :)

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    Michael Ganesan

    You are spot on when you stated that many of the templates in is really outdated. I have never used any of the stock templates. I am glad you are attempting to update the templates. Rendering client side code on the server is a great addition to speed up the rendering. Great presentation!

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    +1 for Aurelia!

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    I'm completely sold on Angular2! With that kind of support from ASP.NET! And I have looked at react, cycle, yolk.

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    excellent.Steve,you are a good speakman

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    So, you invented the wheel...great.

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    Konstantin Triger

    Are there any plans to make ASP.NET a platform for Cordova Services? And generally, I'd like to run your stuff as a gulp task.

    Regarding the API:
    ViewData["ReactOutput"] = await ReactRenderer.RenderToString(...);
    return View();

    Looks more like a workaround than an intended solution. ReactRenderer should BE the renderer (or something like NodeRenderer<React>).

    Back to the gulp tasks, I'd like to have 2 types: one calling any view engine (razor, node...) and another invoking full stack, including controller. If you can host node.js, why not host dnx as well?

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    Very interesting. Still wondering what's the real value add of in this architecture. Also, would love to see Aurelia in the list.

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    Soren Hoyer Kristensen

    Great video!
    And +1 for NodeServices.Aurelia! :-)

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