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    Nice presentation. Thank you. 

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    I've been waiting for Xamarin support in EF7 since it was announced in Build 2015.

    Please add it.

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    Took a moment to get it all, very useful, thanks!

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    Where could I download the demo samples that you were using?

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    WRT different model per tennat in Aspnet 5, you didn't really show how that would work. 

    Actually, currently in our situation it would be single model per tennant however, different connection string. I assume there is some way with the Aspnet 5 container to inject runtime values rather than configuring a single connection string in configureServices?

    But, it might be nice to have different model per tennant.

    Any examples of those use cases for Aspnet5 apps?




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    What package do you use for the method fromSql() ? (_context.Database.fromSql()). I'm having problems trying to access a stored procedure in EF 7

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