Build advanced touch apps in Windows 8

Play Build advanced touch apps in Windows 8

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    Great talk!

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    My video bookmarks in approx minute:second format:

    @beginning: unified touch, mouse & pen <---- pointer device brings all together (one driver for all)

    5:30 list of touch & gesture support

    8:40 gesture recognizer demo

    10:00 PointerPoint: code for touch => get mouse & pen support for free

    12:40 code sample in VS2011

    1830 demo code to handle touch, mouse & pen

    26:55 going beyond frameworks

    31:10 sample of gesture detection with events coalescence

    32:50 sample of PointerMove

    34:15 OnTapped method

    35:40 RightTap handling

    36:20 Hold method, OnHolding

    41:40 other goodies (hardware capabilities helper)

    42:40 targetting, ref to sample

    44:00 desktop win32:  WM_POINTER  

    45:45 pnp notif

    47:50 inject touch input

    49:30 related sessions

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