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Dive into Windows Runtime and Win32 support for advanced touch and gesture input. Learn how to access rich touch input properties with PointerPoints, use flexible componentized gesture detection with GestureRecognizer, and work with touch and pointer device properties using PointerDevice. We’ll explore how apps can use Touch Targeting APIs to provide a better targeting experience and give an overview of touch APIs available to developers of desktop applications. Extend what you can do in HTML and XAML and take full advantage of the Windows Runtime touch and gesture platform.









The Discussion

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    Great talk!

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    My video bookmarks in approx minute:second format:

    @beginning: unified touch, mouse & pen <---- pointer device brings all together (one driver for all)

    5:30 list of touch & gesture support

    8:40 gesture recognizer demo

    10:00 PointerPoint: code for touch => get mouse & pen support for free

    12:40 code sample in VS2011

    1830 demo code to handle touch, mouse & pen

    26:55 going beyond frameworks

    31:10 sample of gesture detection with events coalescence

    32:50 sample of PointerMove

    34:15 OnTapped method

    35:40 RightTap handling

    36:20 Hold method, OnHolding

    41:40 other goodies (hardware capabilities helper)

    42:40 targetting, ref to sample

    44:00 desktop win32:  WM_POINTER  

    45:45 pnp notif

    47:50 inject touch input

    49:30 related sessions

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