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Now that you know how contracts work in Windows 8, come learn how to leverage the Windows Share contract in your Metro style app. You’ll discover how to help your customers easily share content from your app through other apps installed on their PC. You’ll be ready to leverage Windows Share to connect your customers to the people and apps they care about.









The Discussion

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    I am super excited to add share to my apps now! Thanks for the great talk.

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    Good presentation ... FYI:  The first 22 minutes are a review of things already presented in the keynotes.  At 22:00 a more technical explanation begins.

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    isn't the shared stuff too simple in nature? It is a a glorified copy and paste.

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    @ted: You're right...

    And, it's funny, but there is already a tool available which can do that share options. And it's freeware.
    Take a look at clickto on

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    This doesn't feel intuitive and rather ackward, that you have to hit Share to check the status of upload. Because you still have those images selected and it feels like you are doing another share. This is like launching Word for then going to hit Open and open a file on your desktop than just double clicking it. You are talking about fast sharing, but checking the upload status takes 4 steps/swipes/clicks. I see that Metro doesn't have any taskbar/statusbar/systray/justabar for indicating things, which could do a better job on "glance at that upload is it still going". That's my opinion.

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    Mani Tripathi

    Is it possible to create custom charms ?

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    isn't the shared stuff too simple in nature? It is a a glorified copy and paste.

    And you don't think that's a good thing? Copy-and-paste is a fundamental tenet of an O/S and I'm excited about anything that takes that paradigm and extends it (you might call it glorifying) - which is what contracts do.

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