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Platform for Metro style apps

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Platform for Metro style apps

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  • Ian WalkerIan2 In geeks we trust ...

    Like many WP7 app devs I have taken a number of liberties with Metro on WP7 (EG http://wp.me/p15CR8-mx) .

    How much is this likely to impact me when I also want to transision these same apps to XAML on the Win8 Marketplace?



  • Ed gEd g

    The metro ui reminds me of how the wii works, was that part of the idea?

  • DanielDaniel

    It would be nice if the code was actually visible.

  • Ian WalkerIan2 In geeks we trust ...

    How come I can't stream this full screeen?  Am I missing something? (Thanks)

  • @Ian2: If you click on the video div in the page, you won't be able to view full screen. But notice the links just below that allow you to stream WMV or MP4: these will play in a separate player on your machine, such as WMP or Zune, which would allow you to go full screen.

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    @Ian2: I can, but I had to sign in first.  My profile is set to use progressive video streaming, so maybe it's an issue with the other streaming formats.

  • vbtwovbtwo

    Most browsers do not have full screen option for HTML 5 videos for some reason. The only one that I know that does is Safari (at least on the Mac and iPad, I do not use Safari on Windows).
    In any case, just copy the WMV URL and use "open URL" in Windows Media Player to play it on Windows, or use VLC to play on the Mac.

  • watching this on Win8 dev build - played around with it today. very (positively) surprised.

    btw, what's up with video fullscreen mode? (I know, I can download the vids) Where is the fullscreen button??

    Like the video player speed setting option. How do you access that with touchy fingers?

  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }

    Wondering about full screen? Check your profile and set it to 'progressive streaming' , seems like they are using HTL5 video tag by default now and it does not support full screen...

  • For the C++ demonstration, Here is the text for a C++ hello.

    ADD INSIDE  <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="#FF0C0C0C">  

        <Button x:Name="TapMe" Tapped="TapMe_Tapped">Tap Me</Button>

        <TextBlock x:Name="Greeting" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" FontSize="64" > </>

    Build the project and then;

    ADD TO Mainpage.xaml.h

         void TapMe_Tapped( Platform::Object^ sender, Windows::UI::Xaml::Input::TappedEventArgs^ e );


    ADD TO Mainpage.xaml.cpp

    void MainPage::TapMe_Tapped( Platform::Object^ sender, Windows::UI::Xaml::Input::TappedEventArgs^ e )


      Platform::String^ platformHello= "Hello world";

       std::wstring stdcpp_wstring= L"Hello world";

        Greeting->Text = platformHello;   // Greeting->Text is of type  Platform::String ^

        Greeting->Text = ref new String( stdcpp_wstring.c_str() );


    Visual C++ reference for Windows Runtime



  • JackJack

    Will Win8 be set up to run Ink-enabled apps, or does it extend only to touch devices?

  • JackJack

    ...adding, I've seen the rumor videos, etc. but was wondering if ink is officially included, as there seem to be some mixed messages bouncing around.

  • TomTom

    "How come I can't stream this full screeen? Am I missing something? (Thanks)"

    No, you can't watch it in full screen, welcome to HTML5 ;)

  • LiveDojoLiveDojo

    This thing won't stream

  • Will Win8 be set up to run Ink-enabled apps, or does it extend only to touch devices?


    Ink is still there.

    I've used it on my HP TouchSmart tm2 Tablet PC.

    The ink input panel shares the same Metro look as the virtual keyboard.

    It's a bit big though. Would be nice to be able to resize to half its minimum height.

  • Visual C++ reference for Windows Runtime



     std::wstring stdcpp_wstring= L"Hello world";

      Greeting->Text = ref new String( stdcpp_wstring.c_str() );

  • vincent nguyenvincent nguyen

    we' waiting windows table. so great well come windows 8.

  • n4cer:

    sizable and undockable touch-keyboard needs attention.

    i cannot see what i type here, since the keyboard is over the comment field.

    Really need this sorted out for tablets(!)


    On the other hand do i love the keyboard for its multiple designs.


    on Acer W500 win8x86

  • MostekMostek

    Even 30 minutes into the seminar all I can say is WAAUUUUUUU. Top *!!! The whole idea of direct C++ access to the system blows my mind. And the interoperability of languages WAAAAAAUUUUU!!!

    All I can say is GO Microsoft GO!!

  • Marc RousselMarc Roussel

    Question #1 :

    He said the MessageBox doesn't exist anymore. All right I'm confortable with that however how do we advise the user for something ? What is the new way. I would at least expect him to tell what replaces it !

  • Marc RousselMarc Roussel

    Exclamation #1 :

    The blocking manifest system must have another option. A checkbox for "don't ask me again" as if we do an application which is always asking the user to access capabilities each time we start it, well, If I would be this user I would uninstall this app.

  • Marc RousselMarc Roussel

    Question #2 :

    I was waiting at the very end to see how to just install the app on a system which I never saw. How this package is then install so the app can be used ? I know it should be fairly easy but I don't know how

  • thanks guys. I guessed it was HTML5 (confirmed, by looking at page info)

    "How come I can't stream this full screeen? Am I missing something? (Thanks)"

    No, you can't watch it in full screen, welcome to HTML5 Wink

    ... but fullscreen still works (sorta) - just upscale the page (ctrl and+) so far, that it fills your screen?

    haha Big Smile

  • EclEcl

    How about Hyper-V on Windows 7?

  • Henry SkoglundHenry Skoglund

    Actually MessageBox is still in there, you just have to add the 'extern "C" __stdcall ...' statement to make it compile and link.

    I've made a blog post out of this: http://www.tripleboot.org/#post0

  • wendelwendel

    muito bom sera mais questonado o ue todos os sistemas operacionais.

  • ChristianChristian


    Which version of Expression Blend you guys were using? Its a new version that is going to be released that can also be used to style the html of metro applications?, it wasn't Expression Web but Expression Blend which is for WPF and Silverlight, but you were using it to style HTML of a metro app.

    if is Expression Blend, what is going to be the name? Expression Blend 5? Is there a preview version available today?

    Best regards,


  • MasonMason

    I'm a chinese.It's very nice.I have pay attention Windows8 since a year ago,but it does not let me down.

  • Guys, this video is wrong since it includes both BPS-1005 and the next BPS-1006 sessions.

  • ShanShan

    What will hapened to Win7 , will it be outdated.
    or microsoft will develop an upgrade pack which will make win7 to win8??

  • David NelsonDavid Nelson

    The number of times they had to prompt (or beg for) applause was embarrassing. They should take that as a sign of developer satisfaction with this platform.

  • fqshan3fqshan3


  • liguojunliguojun

    not bad

  • liguojunliguojun

    not bad

  • I like metro UI, and ribbon is good too.

  • Great presentation! Ales/John, I tried the example with C# on accessing the Camera and Microphone on my PC that has USB connected Camera & Microphone and it didn't work. Is there any additional steps I need to take to get it to work? Thanks in advance.

  • Peter AlbanesePeter Albanese

    METRO STYLE APPS? What a horrible name for marketing.

  • I can hardly wait Smiley

  • Glenn JohnsonGlenn Johnson

    Can you please make the final source code available? I was doing ok typing in the code until I got to the JavaScript. At that point, the completed CSS was never shown. Then when the FlipView was presented, much of the JavaScript was never shown.
    Glenn Johnson

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