Connecting and sharing with near field communication

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    Was a fun session. Unfortunately I missed it during my visit - slowly catching up with all the content.

    Is it possible to get seme of these stickers somewhere?

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    Kulveer Taggar

    Hey Obiwan007, my store sells quality stickers at a reasonable price.

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    IDWNet Cloud Computing is proud to announce that our new Global Grid (patent pending) protocol will support Near Field Communication in Windows 8! The Global Grid is a P2P networking protocol for finding peers across diverse networks, and is easily extensible to support new types of network hardware, and networking APIs such as Near Field Communication. The protocol can even find peers over the Internet, and traverse NAT firewalls, and can be configured to use HTTP proxies.

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    So funny watching users reaction to "tap and go" NFC "device kissing" or hi-fiving gesture at approx minute 11.

    Good also to have sample code starting at minute 18 referencing:

    slide 20 = code for suppoting content sharing

    slides 23, 24, 25 = Peerfinder sample code

    slide 27: Tx/Rx NFC messages

    slide 28, 29: ProximityDevice Tx/Rx

    Thanks for great session!

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