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Building Xbox LIVE games for Windows 8

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Xbox LIVE, Microsoft's premier entertainment service, is coming to Windows 8. Whether you are developing a game or another kind of entertainment app for Windows 8, Xbox LIVE can help your app stand out in the crowd and help engage and delight users. You will learn about how to implement our well-loved features like Achievements, Multiplayer, Avatars and Community and brand new ones like roaming storage and profiles.
For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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  • Ian WalkerIan2 In geeks we trust ...

    As a long time WP7 developer can you advise how on earth I get an App onto the XBL program?

    I'm currently planning on transitioning some of my apps to win8 and would love to add XBL functionality and also benefit from the added exposure that XBL apps seem to get.



  • garfbradazgarfbradaz Do you love me?

    Does this mean ms is opening up the Acheivements and Leaderboard API's in XNA? Historically for XBLIG you needed the XDK and for WP7, you needed a Publisher and MS granting you access to these.

    Will this change for Windows 8 then for ALL Developers?

  • First of all: what ever happened to the "Games for Windows" initiative of putting a focus on PC Games? All became a marketing stunt, without any technological improvements for PC Gaming. 

    You left 'us' out in the cold for the last couple years. No, neither Win7 nor DX11 changed that.

    I see the business and entertainment value for XBL on Windows 8 ... if it cannot run Steam or a Webbrowser (Facebook, Browsergames, Chrome Games, ...). Yes. Competition is hard. So, you have to have "your" platform polished right out of the gate?

    Building layers of complexity on top of an already s**-load of piles of layers of complexity on PC's makes developing games even harder? Dozen of frameworks* and middleware libraries trying to compete with cpu and i/o cycles, all in the hope, it will scale on (future) manycores - yet, how many games 'really' scale on quadcores (or more?)??

    *) Why do I have to download the XNA framework - as a consumer - to play Bastion on PC? Why is there no back-end solution? Every game comes with it's on flavor of DX dlls and VC library versions, on top of all the WinOS layers and drivers, competing with background services nobody needs while 'gaming'??!

    The 'future of gaming' probably is happening on smart-phones/tablets right now, anyway. But if the "living-room media-center experience" can offer more than just Avatar 3D and Wii-clones (granted Kinect IS great technology) than having something to 'show off' - more than just in-game Twitter-style Notifications -  wouldn't be bad? I guess, I am asking, where is the next Alex St. John? Craig Eisler? Eric Engstrom?

  • ,Ian2 wrote

    As a long time WP7 developer can you advise how on earth I get an App onto the XBL program?

    I'm currently planning on transitioning some of my apps to win8 and would love to add XBL functionality and also benefit from the added exposure that XBL apps seem to get.



    Watch the video from 54:00 on. He talks about who can use the service.

  • A good talk and the REST interface to XBOX Live is intuitive and simple.  Now, how do I develop the actual substance of an XBOX game on windows 8.

    The talk said we will be given all the tools/renders that are available to console developers.  For example exactly how would I make an XBOX Avatar appear in my game.  What namespace is used, and is there any examples/tutorials.  Since WinRT does not have XNA how can it be done?


  • metal idmetal id

    i want my Intel Atom 450 GMA 1350 1G ram
    have plenty of games on my win 8,
    i want developer's to think a lots of great games to fit on
    my specification here, mostly freeware Games,
    So Windows 8 will rule!

  • metal idmetal id

    Oh and, my Atom 450 is also a Multitouchscreen
    and at least two touch allowed,
    is there any new games APPS for windows 8 Now ?
    any developer's build Games for windows 8 Now ?
    id loved to run on my windows 8 now, and showed
    everyone that windows 8 can do so much more,...

  • robertrobert


    Clearly the cloud is the route here, and I hope you intend to embrace distributing games and XBOX via a common interface. The will give PC gave developers equal footing with the XBOX gaming distro methods.

    We NEED a unified store front for making purchases with STRONG parential control capabilities (better then current XBOX model). I for one, as a parent, am not pleased with the authorization to purchase model.

  • samsam

    can anyone answer this question: so i can play xbox games in windows? and in the miltiplayer i can play pc game with my xbox friends?

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