Remote desktop experience in Windows 8

Play Remote desktop experience in Windows 8

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    thank you for this video. Now, I can utilize Remote Desktop connection the proper way. You have to run > "MSTSC" 43:30 on video. Only then will the RDC work on the new Metro.... at least with me. I had only one computer monitor and not two but after this I get two. PS. There are no options are available to adjust these settings in the Metro....maybe for a good reason but with Win 8 do I have to use Run command to drill down in RDC? Fix this please.

    Also, I did not know about the options features on RDC. This is really cool. I went from mad to glad. Love these self help Videos!

    Windows 8: I love it but I'm still getting used to the Metro even after will take time or I must leave 7 forever.

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