A lap around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style apps using C++

Play A lap around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style apps using C++
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Windows 8 comes with a brand new Metro style app experience where native developers and designers can work in parallel. Ones in behavioral aspects and the others in UI. This talk offers an end-to-end view of the developer experience for this kind of app, from the solution creation to the marketplace publication.









The Discussion

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    This is an awesome session!  I just can't believe no one has commented on it yet!  Vikas and Joanna team up and walk through a real-world app dev scenario (at least as real world as one can get in 60 minutes) and they show some excellent examples of XAML, how to navigate the VS UI, concrete examples of how to instantiate WINRT objetcs from C++, packaging, etc.  Excellent job Vikas and Joanna!  I will be watching this one again!

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    I agree, I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Well delivered by both.

    Also Joanna is a good presenter & a hottie, she should have been in keynote #1 ! Smiley

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    Yes, this is great stuff.  I was hoping XAML would be available for GUI development with C++ and here it is!  All native code, so it runs fast.  This is exciting!

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    If you would like to make C++ better, then please add support for "long double" to Visual Studio C++ Compiler. At this moment "double" and "long double" are the same in VS. Because of that for high precision numerical calculations I have to use non-Microsoft C++ compilers (g++ or Intel C++ Compiler).

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    Joanna and Vikas, excellent session -- very well done.


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    So for all you Silverlight is dead zombies out there. What we have here is the best possible outcome. What this is, is the start of the indocrination of C++ developers into the WPF/Silverlight world. They are merging VS with Ex Blend which is what we want. So, if you are worried that your browser based apps will be useless in Metro. You can relax because this is better. Now we will be able to port our Silverlight plugin based apps to a Windows 8 Metro style application that runs on a tablet with no browser or bandwidth issues. Since Windows apps don't work on an iPad anyway it is a non-issue to claim "it won't work on an iPad". This is the first step to mirroring your PC experience into your tablet device. This is something Apple cannot do. The idea that the world is going to embrace going backward to Java Script based UI to accomodate Apple is rediculous. imo

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    Ещё не пробовал на вкус... Tongue Out

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    Suggestion: To Pan, hold down middle mouse button and move the mouse around. It is a very common mouse-binding in many applications and games. Far, far more intuitive than "press the space bar to pan."

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    Nice and effective presentatio...

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    mohamme salih

    I viewed the demo ,it is enlighted me and I have a small qry. ,the form which you design can be swaped to right side with one click and the caption can be changed to another language

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    Great Presentation.

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    Is the full source code for the piano app publicly available?

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    Why dont' you give a straight answer to a simple question - what is the future for WPF???

    C++ PMs stole the whole concept behind WPF and claim like its their from day one. Saying "native" code is just stupid and illiterate. All .NET code eventually winds up as "native"... even more native than any of your design-time compiled native code could ever dream of.

    Look up assembly sizes for tne .NET app and the same metro "native" C++.

    You making C++ devs feel sad. WinRT is the next flop anyways with stupid metro.

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