Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using C++

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    Excellent session! Tons of examples for consuming winrt from c++.  Well worth the watch.

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    What's with the void main? Microsoft should have learned by now that this is non-standard.

    And what is with all this ridiculous syntax when C#, et all can just use wait (or whatever it's called)? Why do C++ get neglected?

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    Absolutely topnotch !

    Please do another sesion for the other topics in   "Using Windows Runtime Components in Visual C++"  at">

    • Value structs  -- Why do we need these? Any chance that the types and data members could be inspectable at runtime?  Are these serializable?
    • Properties --  How do you specify whether the property is read-only? Just by not providing a set() ?
    • Ref classes --  When should you use them? What C++ class techniques are not allowed in ref classes?
    • Interfaces and Parameterized Interfaces -- Please explain parameterized interfaces.
    • Delegates -- Looks like delegates can be constructed from plain and member functions.  How about from member functions from classes that are not "ref" ?
    • Events -- How to add Events is covered, but how do you fire them?  Where are the methods for "event ReminderEventHandler^ Reminder;" documented?  Can non ref classes declare and use Events?
    • Inheritance -- Is is correct to says that ref classes consumed by Javascript must be sealed?  What is "sealed" anyhow?  Is it possible to inherit the metro GUI classes?  There is no documentation present currently.

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