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Almost every WPF, Silverlight and WP7 developer uses Visual Studio from an MSDN subscription. Although Expression Blend is available through the same MSDN subscription, a lot of developers do not use it and write a lot of XAML by hand. Besides drawing a UI,  Expression Blend provides much more.

In this session I show you how you can use sample data to monitor the impact data has on your UI. User actions and the state of the data often have an impact on the properties of the controls. Again, this can solved in Expression Blend using the Visual State Manager. Additionally, I show how you can use Behaviors, Actions, and Triggers. I mix in a lot of tips and tricks throughout the demos.

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Speaker: Timmy Kokke (The Netherlands)
Timmy Kokke works as a Software Developer at DreamTeam where he works on Silverlight applications and he supports develment teams. He writes and speaks regularly about Silverlight and Expression Blend. He is MVP Expression Blend and board member of the Silverlight and Expression usergroup,





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