Blue Hat Security Briefings

What is BlueHat?

The goal of the BlueHat Redmond conference is to educate Microsoft engineers and executives on current and emerging security threats, to help them address security issues in Microsoft products and services and protect customers. The BlueHat Redmond conference often serves as a great opportunity for invited security researchers to informally connect with Microsoft engineers who are passionate about security, furthering a bidirectional exchange of ideas at the event.

Who attends?

BlueHat Redmond is open to all Microsoft employees, and a small number of hand-picked external attendees from the security community. The external invited guests are comprised of a multinational mix of professionals involved on a daily basis with security work including security researchers, members of security response teams, MAPP partners, and current and past BlueHat speakers.

To the external community, BlueHat is by invitation only―not because there aren't a slew of diverse minds who wouldn't be excellent participants and speakers, but because there is a limited capacity and the BlueHat Planning Team looks to people who are exploring areas we're interested in or who need to be brought together for strategic networking to fill these spots.

Who presents?

There is no BlueHat external Call For Papers. Speakers internal and external to Microsoft are invited to submit papers on a case-by-case basis based on what's cutting edge and relevant in security and privacy to the current Microsoft threat landscape.

The security research community presenting at Microsoft BlueHat consists of individuals contributing to thought leadership in many security-related areas.

Past Events

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