BlueHat Security Briefings: Fall 2009 Sessions and Interviews

  • Microsoft corporate headquarters
  • October 22 - 23, 2009
  • Speakers at BlueHat Security Briefings: Fall 2009 Sessions and Interviews

BlueHat v9: Through the Looking Glass

The primary objective of the BlueHat Conference Series is to build bridges between Microsoft developers and executives, key security program partners, and members of the security research community while educating the greater Microsoft population on security threats and mitigations.

This year's conference builds upon the momentum of past events by showcasing how individual strategies can intersect to offer substantial benefits and positive-sum outcomes. We are looking to demystify global and regional security threats, and to create channels for productive information exchange on common threats that affect all the players of the security ecosystem.

BlueHat v9 again brings leading external security researchers to campus to present timely and lively presentations that showcase ongoing research, state-of-the-art hacking tools and techniques, and emerging security threats. Our main themes for BlueHat v9 focus on e-crime attacks, the exploit economy, the global threat landscape, online services, security in the Cloud, mobile (in)security, and cool tools and mitigations.