Preshow Day 1

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Pre-keynote entertainment with Jordan Rudess






B33 Field



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The Discussion

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    I really enjoyed your tunes Jordan! Good luck with the software. I'm tempted to try it out.

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    no one is lookin

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    Awesome! Good choice, Microsoft.

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    Rudess and Dream Theater all the way!

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    @Wizardist: Exactly, very sad I was not able to experience that in person.

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    lol Level: 200 - Intermediate :) I don't think so... Jordan rules!

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    Nobody knew that Korg Kronos is based on Linux...

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    @artkun oh, we knew. We had to give it a full 5 minutes to boot up before it could be played. Great synth, but slow to start up.

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    Korg is cool, but the apps running on Windows 8 (RT also, by the way) are the real point.

    This opening for BUILD was just grand.  Glad you wrote the music for the show Jordan.

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    @Psychlist1972: So, we know the Lenovo system is a full x86 PC running Windows 8 but how does it  run on Windows RT?

    It's great to see this kind of app in Win8 running with usable latency.

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    Actually, it runs better on the Surface (Windows RT) in part because the Lenovo doesn't have Windows 8 touch drivers (it's running Win7 drivers which work just fine, but aren't tweaked). Jordan starts showing it off about halfway through this video. Jordan also played with a Sony Vaio Tap 20 which is an i7 with Win8 and ran extremely well. The Surface performance was similar, but with the smaller screen (the Vaio is 20" a portable tablet-like PC)

    Trivia: Jordan plays with the Surface upside down so he doesn't accidentally hit the capacitive Windows button which is normally at the bottom. The app doesn't have any overly special code to handle orientation: it just works.

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    Update: I see Lenovo released a ton of Windows 8 drivers while I was up in Redmond. Performance should be even better now.

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    @tony:I was looking. In awe!

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    Has anyone tried to embed the video in a Wordpress blog. I did - the HTML frame works in Firefox but not in IE9, or either version of Windows 8 IE 10. Weird or what?


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    @sdpate: Can you point me at your blog post? I suspect I can help you pinpoint the issue...

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    Jordan Rudess demo Windows 8 synthesizer

    I will put the embed back in the post (it was removed when I published) Smiley

    In Firefox the iFrame works, but won't allow scaling to the page size. It simply chops off the right side of the video.  HTML5 does not work in Firefox.

    Internet Explorer 10 (desktop) iFrame - thumbnail shows but the video won't stream. HTML is non functional

    Internet Explorer 10 Win8 - same as Desktop IE10





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