Developer Productivity with Visual Studio & TFS 2012

Play Developer Productivity with Visual Studio & TFS 2012
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With Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 there have been a lot of improvements to make developer productivity & collaboration even easier. We will walk the gamut of those changes, from new features like code review to core improvements like taking your source code offline without hassle & improved source merging. Want to use Git locally & TFS version control on the server? We’ll show you how. We’ll walk through how VS 2012 helps you understand your code better & provide a glimpse of what’s coming to make it even better. If you’re a developer using TFS & VS, this talk is for you.






B92 Nexus/Normandy



The Discussion

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    Cool presentation, Mr. Cool, even though I already knew about a bunch of the features. I didn't know about the Find Shelvesets view - any chance that could be made easier to find? Also very nice to know that there are some improvements to the pending changes view as the old style was more useful in many cases.

    The code review feature is a good addition to the product.

    Shame the screen disappears 52 minutes into this video, would have been nice to see CodeMap in action.

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