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The Future of C++

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This talk will give an update on recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, with some announcements of interest in both areas. The speaker is the lead language architect of Visual C++ and chair of the ISO C++ committee.








B33 McKinley



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    The Discussion

    • liangshi

      This should be the keynote at day 4 Smiley

    • Ion Todirel

      this should been the keynote on the first day Tongue Out

    • MichaelPrice

      Just to clear it up, this will be broadcast live?  On this page or on some other one?

    • Duncanma

      @MichaelPrice: It will be broadcast live, on (site homepage)


    • bdhc73a

      Really a great session.  I especially like:

      • as a unifying website.
      • String literals 
      • Initializer lists
      • "await" for C++   
      • Bjarne's book is coming soon.

      Something things I don't like:

      • "Windows Store Apps" documentation that omits how to achieve a goal in C++.
      • The documentation assumption that you are individually familiar with C# and XAML when explaining how to combine C++ and XAML. 
      • Sridhar Poduri's book "Programming Windows 8 Apps using Microsoft Visual C++" is not available yet. 
      • Key "Windows Store Apps:" functionality implemented in .NET rather than in language independent that C++ can use.


      Some questions I have:

      • I'm not sure how to search JUST the Microsoft documentation that pertains to C++ and "Windows Store App" development for a keyword.  (I could in a PDF or windows help file).
      • I am not sure yet if you really can take ANY C++/CX and XAML  program from Win8 to Win Phone 8.  There usually is some fine print.
    • tomkirbygre​en

      Easily the best talk at BUILD this year. It's fantastic that Microsoft has rediscovered native - long may this state of affairs continue!

    • babelshift

      @bdhc73a: There are multiple sessions during this Build event that explain exactly how to code share between W8 and WP8 for store purposes.

    • moldau

      Could you please also post the video of the QA session? Thanks!

    • MFH

      So many great news for C++, I love it Smiley

    • LCID Fire

      A little disappointed about no news on Casablanca (was hoping for it to be open sourced). Microsoft stuff was interesting, the general stuff was great.

    • bdhc73a

      According to Windows Phone API reference there are 11,000 Windows Runtime API members supported on Windows 8. The phone supports a subset of 2,800. The Phone also has 600 members not supported on Windows 8.

      Search for "Windows Store Apps" "Windows Phone 8" "API is not implemented" to see some examples.

      Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platform comparison shows the libraries supported in the Common native API: DirectX 11.1, XAudio2, MediaEngine, STL, CRT, and WinSock.

    • Charles

      , liangshi wrote

      This should be the keynote at day 4 Smiley

      It was (in terms of C++) Smiley


    • Charles

      A little disappointed about no news on Casablanca (was hoping for it to be open sourced). Microsoft stuff was interesting, the general stuff was great.

      Did you watch Niklas' talk? We also talked about this (Casablanca as OSS) on Herb's C9 live session, which will be available on demand soon.

    • Benjamin Lindley

      It would be nice to have official, comprehensive, online C++ reference documentation. Are there any plans for that on or elsewhere?

    • MFH

      @Benjamin Lindley:

      Have a look at! Whilst not official, it's by far the most complete attempt for a online documentation of the library (+language)

    • Benjamin Lindley

      Yes, I know of that one. I've made a few contributions to it, in fact. It would still be nice to have a definitive source that I could look to and point others to.

    • MFH

      @Benjamin Lindley: How about the Standard? (Or one of the freely available drafts [N3337 and N3376]) You know, the Standard is the ultimate source for anything...

    • Benjamin Lindley

      The standard, in its current form, is not suitable for human consumption. We need something that anybody can understand. And it needs to be more easily accessible. Each class and function needs to have its own web page to which we can link, and it of course needs to be heavily cross-referenced. Something like , just that it would be officially endorsed by the C++ standards committee and complete.

    • SridharP

      @bdhc73a I finished the book and handed over the final manuscript to the press folks Smiley It's now in their hands to get it into the market asap.

    • Mihai

      @Charles will the video of the Q&A session be available soon?

    • Duncanma
    • EdPaay

      C++ as it is sucks as a too complex language and there are better superior native development platforms (cough Delphi cough...) it is sad we are still having to deal with archaic things like headerfiles etc.

    • Mihai

      @Duncanma Thanks!

    • Andrew Gottemoller

      Still waiting for C99 support. C99's features are trivial compared to C++11. I'm beginning to suspect Microsoft's compiler source code is an unmaintainable mess. Maybe they should just abandon their implementation, and move to LLVM.

    • PhilN

      Seriously a great presentation - Herb Sutter is the man.

    • MFH

      @Andrew Gottemoller:

      VC++ is a C++ compiler not a C compiler. Why are you expecting C-features again? Why is it so hard for people to accept that VC++ is not a C compiler...

    • Kamz

      Would be great if we have a tool in VS to convert the Win32 library (both static and dynamic) project to that of WinRT. I am trying to convert Tesseract-ocr ( for RT. But its dependencies; zlib, libpng, libjpeg, libtiff, giflib and leptonica ( are built in C and apparently nobody care much about C'11.

      Is there a way to convert those libraries for WinRT? Anyone with hands on experience on RT, please reply.

      Is there any free OCR library for WinRT?

    • nnn

      The onr thing you see from the diagram is that the schizophrenic nature of Windows 8 is by design - there is no connection between the Desktop and Windows 8 Apps, i.e. both stacks/ pyramids in the chart are separate. So I am not sure how the main flaw of the Windows 8 OS can ever be fixed. Maybe by some "separate but equal" paradigm, however th UI currently forces you to use both at the same time, and jump back and forth, and that's the problem NOT the "missing start button".

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