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Software development continues to make great advances and so does Visual Studio. Come learn about the trends impacting software development and how you can take advantage of them with Visual Studio 2012. This talk provides a brief overview coupled with lots of demos to highlight how Visual Studio 2012 simplifies development, streamlines collaboration for teams, and helps you create apps that your users will love. Visual Studio 2012 helps you turn ideas into software; this session gets you started.






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The Discussion

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    Excellent job on the presentation!!  Good overall approach of explaining VS2012 integration across multiple platforms.  Would have been better if there was an additional hour session for more so of a 'deep dive'. 

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    Too much fluff -- could have relayed the real content in < 15 minutes.

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    Who thought it was a good idea to have the marketing team do the demos?  This demo was very specific to .NET and Store apps.  I'm a C++ developer.  I got nothing from this talk.

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    With all respect, but this session doesn't really tell me what's new in Visual Studio 2012. So many great functionalities has been omitted or just mentioned but are way more important for developers than development of Windows Store apps.

    If you want a decent session about What's new in Visual Studio you might want to check Adam Cogan's session from TechEd Australia. I have seen him actually at TechEd New Zealand where I had to stand outside the room, because there was no space left. I haven't seen something like that before Smiley

    Here's just a bit of what he covered:

    • More of web development
    • IntelliTrace in production
    • Microsoft Test Manager
    • Feedback Tools
    • Storyboarding
    • ...

    Check his video here:


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    Great presentation. Learned a few things. Thanks!

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