Windows Phone 8: HTML5/IE10 for Developers

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Windows Phone 8 includes the powerful IE10 web browser, and its web browser control. This means that developers can leverage the full power of IE10 to deliver outstanding experiences, either hosted online or in the context of a XAML application. Jorge Peraza will walk you through what's new in Windows Phone 8, and how to maximize the impact of your applications and games that leverage HTML.






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The Discussion

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    Sergei Grebnov

    Nice presentation. You guys did a great job bringing such a great functionality. You rock! The best things for me are gesture events, fix for gray tap highlight, many standards supported. Also thank you for the System phone colors via CSS.

    But as per 'Windows Phone Html5 app' VS template - have no idea how you were able to release the following code and also show this during presentation
    private void Browser_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    // Add your URL here
    Browser.Navigate(new Uri(MainUri, UriKind.Relative));
    Browser.IsScriptEnabled = true;

    this simply does not work because IsScriptEnabled must be set before navigation to be applied :(

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    Hello Sergei,

    Thanks for your comments.  We discovered the template bug you mentioned a bit late so we have to live with it from the time being Sad.   This is why Rick showed how to turn script on the XAML when we were walking through the demo.

    Jorge Peraza

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    The bulk of this session focused too heavily on generic HTML5 features and just quickly brushed over inter-boundary communication specific to WP8.

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    Thanks for your feedback, the purpose of the talk was to give a high level overview of what's new on Windows Phone 8 for HTML5 developers.  We will be adding a lot more content over the coming weeks to the Windows Phone Developer blog with more in-depth details.

    Please keep the feedback coming about what you would like to see from us, as well as thoughts on our new browser and platform!


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    I really enjoyed this presentation, thank you Jorge. I am currently experimenting with a HTML5/JavaScript based application for Windows Phone 8 using the template provided as a base, but I am having trouble debugging my code. When I debug JavaScript on the web, I use browser developer tools, however, I haven't found a way to launch a similar set of tools for the WP8 emulator. What is the best approach to debug an HTML5/JavaScript application in the WP8 emulator? 

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    Sergei Grebnov

    Hi Carlos, take a look on the following for Debugging stuff

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    Love how much easier the webbrowser control has become now that I don't need to place files in isolated storage!

    In the presentation you've mentioned that we can set the Background property to avoid that flicker effect when the phone's background is black. To my surprise, setting the property in xaml has no effect (bug?).

    This wont work:

    <phone:WebBrowser x:Name="Browser" Background="{StaticResource PhoneBackgroundBrush}" Loaded="WebBrowser_Loaded" />

    This will work:


    public partial class SomePage : PhoneApplicationPage {
      public SomePage() {
          Browser.Background = Application.Current.Resources["PhoneBackgroundBrush"] as   SolidColorBrush;

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    Rick Mutzke

    Great presentation, gentlemen. Is there sample code available for the projects that were demoed in this session?

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    @kektre - Thanks for the feedback and yes it is a known bug.

    @Rick Mutzke - The code should be available soon, let me check on Monday when it is scheduled to come out.

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    Simon Duan

    @JorgePeraza:great session. when the code available for public? I love to share with more developers;)

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    how can i get the code snippet like yours? :)

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    I could not find any documentation regarding IndexedDB's per application quotas. Looks like overall  up to 500 MBs can be used by apps, but can one app use all that space? Is there a soft limit (user permission)? Is there a hard limit? Can these limits (per app and per system) be changed via API or device management?

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