Windows Phone 8: XAML Application Development

Play Windows Phone 8: XAML Application Development

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    Great tips about the upcoming availaIble resolutions and how to deal with them. 

    So far I avoided localization but seeing it is already incorporated to the template and how simple it is to use I have no reason to do so.

    The new image decoding mechanism is very welcomed as I had trouble with images that I had no control of (and no backend service to resize them).

    I am curious if there are any "new" mechanisms of dealing with image caching (something that I sometimes don't want to occur, Currently it's quite ugly to do, i.e (var b = (BitmapImage)img.Source; b.UriSource=null, img.Source=null) - I dont really have a clear idea how to achieve a similar effect when my images are located in xaml and used in a databinding scenario: <DataTemplate><Image Source="{Binding UrlString}" /></DataTemplate>. A property like <Image Cache="False" /> would be nice I guess.

    Can't wait to see the code implementing the image zoom control. There's really nothing out there that supports kinetic scrolling once the image is zoomed (like in the built-in pictures app). Would be a great asset to have in the wp toolkit. 

    Memory reductions to panorama and it's responsiveness are nothing short of great, as using the control meant a fairly large memory overhead.

    Lastly I loved the features of LongListSelector and the painless way to implement infinite scrolling.

    Thank you for a great presentation!

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    This is an awesome presentation. So many useful tips, each and everyone of these tips are needed in my current app. Thank you!

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    Very good session.

    Disappointed that the loc story is different from Windows Store Apps. Disappointed XAML is slightly different as well which means PCL won't be possible for frameworks like micro Caliburn. I do understand you guys dealt with a ton of challenges and implemented so much new stuff.

    Otherwise great work on the phone, which I think is the best phone OS on the market. The tooling is certainly years ahead of Apple and Google. (I've been doing iOS development for the past year.) The performance work you've guys done is super.

    Most important question, for Shawn, where do I get that shirt?

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    The Best WP 8 session so far. The 2nd best being this one.

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    Any details about when the code used in the demos will be made available?

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    Where can we get the source code? (Particularly the ZoomControl)

    Update: Found it here

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