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Discover how you can use Windows 8 to get players addicted to your game. Engage your players from the Windows 8 Start Screen with live tiles and notifications . Grow your community of players by sharing between games and other apps. Learn about modern gameplay interactions with new input options like touch, sensors, and controllers. Explore gameplay that scales, snaps, and pauses as it needs to, allowing multiple tasks to be performed at the same time.



The Discussion

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    this is the most exciting event from all :)

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    where is XNA...? Do not kill such a great thing microsoft.

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    Is it really that difficult to keep a projector working?

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    Just a warning to watchers, 15 minutes is spent fixing a broken projector and another 15 minutes is dedicated to fielding questions (most of which were very basic).

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    The technical difficulties in this session's recording will be fixed soon.  Sorry for the delay.

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    I was there and have spoken with a lot of people about XNA. XNA is officially dead on all MS platforms. They did promise some tools to help make DirectX development easier and they did suggest SharpDX a lot (and MonoGame a few times) as an alternative. I almost fought with a Microsoft DirectX guy on one occasion over the matter, but I can unfortunately confirm that Microsoft decided against keeping XNA as an option for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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    Not entirely true. Windows Phone 8 SDK ships with XNA 4.0 as a supported project type (includes templates too). That's certainly not an indication of support beyond this release, but it at least allows for backwards compatibility (for now).

    That said, yes, XNA is dead for the future. Shawn Hargreaves is on the Windows Phone team now and others from the XNA team have moved on or quit Microsoft entirely (like Nick Gravelyn). Such a good set of APIs gone for good is sad to see.

    I highly suggest following the MonoGame project and any other future frameworks that use SharpDX.

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    That guy cant fix projector connection for half of the session, what to say for serious development. Most of the time, he just spoke to turn off phones and did some sloppy humor. Very poor presentation.

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