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Bringing existing C++ code to Windows Store apps

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This talk will cover how to use C++ to target the new Windows Runtime surface. Beyond just learning how to write apps in C++, you will see how to create new libraries or reuse existing components that you can seamlessly combine with Windows Store apps using JavaScript, C#, and other C++ apps.

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  • good


    finally thing are getting serious c++

  • Eric [MSFT]EricBattalio Visual C++ PM

    Bask in the glow that is C++...and pick up some great tips on writing apps.

    ...not that I am biased Smiley

  • Ugh.  Audio quality makes this almost unwatchable...

  • Tarek MadkourTarek Madkour

    Loved all the audience questions. Thanks for being so engaged. I hope you enjoyed the talk as much as I did.

    I wanted to make one correction to something I said in the presentation. At about 52' in the video I show the slide that talks about alternatives to Win32 threading APIs and I listed the CRT _beginthread() as the last alternative. Several folks in the audience mentioned that they had tried _beginthreadex() and that it hadn't worked. I went back and checked on this and we did indeed restrict _beginthread() and _beginthreadex() to the desktop family right before RTM. Thanks for the folks who notified me about this. I'll try to get the slides updated in the online version.

  • NO audio for big sections of the talk. Sad

  • Could you maybe run this through some audio correction? Can't hear a thing most of the time Sad

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    We're looking into the audio issues.

  • Tarek MadkourTarek Madkour

    The audio issues are fixed. You can enjoy the video now. Thank you.

  • This talk was awesome Tarek. You're very well spoken and make things understandable.

  • I had a difficult time following along in this session, likely due in no small part to the fact I'm not really a C++ guy. (I had a rather specific reason for being at this talk over any others)

    However, I also felt the floor was too open for questions, in some cases even questions on topics you hadn't gotten to yet. A better flow, in my opinion, would be to get through the presentation and open up for questions that aren't covered by what you have discussed.


  • Hi Tarek,

    Thanks for the very insightful talk, I was glad to have been there in person. I wanted to affirm something you mentioned in the talk. In order to check whether a 3rd party library is compliant with Windows Store requirements, you mention it's enough to just link against it in a plain XAML-C++ project and run that through the App Cert Kit. Is this correct? Or should the code be calling into the methods in the library?



  • Can anybody tell me on which file the audio has been fixed because it's still no good on the high quality MP4 download?

    Edit: Never mind, I d/l'd the mp3 file and it's crystal clear


  • RamRam

    This is great talk. Please more and more talks on C++/Win8

  • VenkatVenkat

    I'm excited to see the creative ideas from MS VC++ team. This is great talk and well delivered!!

  • Darshana TharangaDarshana Tharanga

    So.. what about Microsoft Foundation Classes(MFC) Is it abandon from Microsoft?

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