Designing awesome XAML apps in Visual Studio and Blend for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Play Designing awesome XAML apps in Visual Studio and Blend for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

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    I loved this presentation. Although the content was flying fast and furiously, I'll be able to return to the video and watch it multiple times to glean all the concepts presented. All the code and examples are extremely useful. Well done!

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    @mobiletonster: Can you or someone else tell me where can I get the source code that was presented in the session???

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    Lots of info but presented very quickly, so it will take a lot of time to absorb everything.

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    Will there be source codes?

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    ilija injac

    I would like to know, if there are links where the standard styles, the LayoutAwarePage-Class and the different VisualStates are documented? I really enjoyed the talk - it was great! I use Blend extensively and I love it! It really showed how powerful this tool is! Kudos man!

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    can't barely see the code details... is it possible to make the screen view actually full screen and the presenter as a floating corner piece of the video?

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    Jack beat me in writing about the same issue that I had with this session video.  The sessions has a ton of great content but you could hardly see the star of the show which is the code.  I found it difficult to follow Jeffery simple because I couldn't make out what was happening in the code window.  If the powers at Channel 9 could redo this video to showcase the code in HD full screen   that would be super awesome.  

    If possible Jeffery if you could post where we can get the source code we would be super grateful 

    Rock n' Roll!



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    C. Marius

    Jeff, excellent subject and presentation! Would it be possible to have access to the source code by any chance?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Very fast presentation. Expecially the blend tricks were awesome - but hard to keep track of everything.

    Would like to see the source code too Smiley

    Especially the integration of the webservice stuff in the portable class library would be interesting to see. IN VS2012 you cant add ServiceReferences if your lib is configured as WP8+W8 unfortunately.

    Mapping of WebService-imported classes to your internal (ViewModels) classes is unfortunately not possible inside the PCL if you dont see the service classes there.

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    Can we please have a link to the source code?

    The talk is awesome but without the source it is hard to follow, a lot going on!

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    Please drop the presenter and full screen the coding window to HD please. Without the source codes, these videos are a waste of time as you can barely make anything out?

    Really annoyed by this!

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