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    So you wil have a session about TypeScript, but not about C# or the Roselyn project?
    Maybe Microsoft will throw out C# and .NET as happend with Silverlight?
    JavaSript is just a legacy sh*t! No TypeScript hacking can help on it!
    Most of the sessions are about WinJS, JQuery, JavaScript, TypeScript! Who the hell is interesting on this legacy languages\libraries ??? They are the past not the future!
    Microsoft you are simply stupid!

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    Tom, you can create Windows Store Apps with C# so what do you mean by Microsoft throwing away the language?

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    Yes, it is true you can create apps with C#.
    I just mean there are no C# session on Build! :(
    So, we will get no word about the future and vNext of C# and .NET.

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    @Tom: There are many sessions that deal with C# as a language: ... I don't think there is one specifically about future advancements in C# itself, but sessions like

    Easy Asynchrony with C#: No More Callbacks!

    Deep Dive into the Kernel of .NET on Windows Phone 8

    The Evolution of .NET

    and many others (I just grabbed a few)... are definitely focused on the .NET developer

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    After covering the OO, generics, functional, dynamic and concurrent paradigms in C#, the remaining one is MetaProgramming.

    So, I think MS is taking its time to fully complete the Roslyn Project, so they will be able to create on the fly any construct metaprogrammed the feature set of an hypothetic C# 6.

    Plus, consider that more sophisticated features may require deep changes to the base infrastructure: the CLR.

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    Great session Anders. Here are the Top 10 reasons why, in my view, TypeScript will be widely adopted:

    For me, TypeScript makes developing JavaScript apps much more tolerable.

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    Anders Hejlsberg has no C# Session in Build :(
    Every year he had a Session about C# and the future features of C# except now.

    @gcowin: I can't belive that JavaScript and HTML not dead yet, their syntax are very disgusting. Just because there are a lot of legacy system out there, JavaScript and HTML is still alive. And now MS choose JavaScript/TypeScript/HTML as first priority over C#.

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    @Tom It's not about what language your writing code it's about what you're doing. I'm a C# guy but not all the developers work with C# and not all of them like Microsoft.

    Microsoft is getting more developers with different tastes on board and that's why Azure supports many open source stuff and ASP.NET is open source. this will make Microsoft stack as a platform more appealing for non Microsoft developers then you as a C# guy has more market to do your stuff with C# XAML or anything else you want to do. 

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    This session needs a 'TypeScript' tag in addition to its 'JavaScript' one.

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    @Tom I empathize with you in regard to HTML/JS. I am definitely not abandoning C#/.NET and neither is Microsoft--in my view. In fact, if you want to provide a 3rd party library or control with projections to all languages, you cannot do it using JavaScript. You must either use C# or C++. They are just trying enable an additional group of developers by providing a JavaScript language projection for JavaScript.

    So far, the experience and environment is richer with C#; however, TypeScript will make a greenfield or JavaScript port project much more tolerable. While C#/.NET would be my first choice, TypeScript/Node might be more appropriate for certain clients and projects.

    I have always felt that scripting languages would eventually prevail, but I sure didn't think that it would be JavaScript. Wink

    Check out this session to give the idea one more chance: JavaScript from client to cloud:

    Looks like @Duncanma already suggested the "Evolution of .NET" session, too.


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    Patrick Goudjo Ako

    gcowin, I like your post.
    However, you have a typo in Anders' name. It's Hejlsberg, not Hejlsburg.
    Have a good day !

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    @Patrick Thank you.

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    Maybe Anders Hejlsberg see this comments and say something about future c# and .net features and about the future of c# and .net.
    I hope things will go on the right way.
    But I have the same feeling when Silverlight throwed away: MS say nothing.

    Some article:

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    @Tom: If you actually read then you see it's not about This language VERSUS or OR THAT language.... It's about AND.

    Use the right tool for the job at hand. For many jobs, .NET and managed code, generally, are great. For others, not so much.


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    My only problem is that we got no information about weather we will get C# 6 or not. And when we can expect the next version?

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    @Anders: I also interested the answer for this question ...

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    @Tom and the others:
    I dont mean to be offensive, but are you guys seriously this retarded? Typescript is exactly for you. it is meant to help you out while your transitioning from c# to Javascript. c# is going to be dead soon.

    Sutter admited in his session that investing into c# WAS A MISTAKE.

    You will probably not hear Microsoft say that officialy out loud. But they are trying to push you in the right direction in the past 2 year.
    Let me tell you the truth: the future is c++ for a few parts of the desktop and Javascript for everything else.

    Can you recall anything new platform or library c# received in the past 2 years? There are a few projects started earlier that werent killed imediately, but Silverlight, XNA, all the other stuff are being taken away from it and it’ll only accelerate in the future. In the meanwhile, Javascript got on the desktop, got visual studio support, reactive extensions (also mainly to help you with your transition), and all the other stuff. c++ ditto.
    As you see c# is falling super fast. You can either leave the ship now or go down with it.

    Your captain has already left.

    Javascript is not an easy language like c#. the IDE won’t help you out with everything from the start but its not accident the web is built on it. It has an overall way better design than c# and once you learnt its depths real great developers can use it better.
    I strongly recommend you beginning the transition to at least typescript right now. It’s a step closer to what you will use in the future. Of course, going straight to Javascript would be way wiser in the long run for any smart person, but I suppose most of the smarter ones of you have already transitioned, this is for the more backward “developers”

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    In this case I will change to LinSuxx or Mac.

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    Mohamed Amine Aboura

    I use typescript and i liked it so much , i have only one struggle here , how that will affect javascript browser performance ? , do you have any benchmark available with Dart or so ? Thanks !

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    @Mohamed Amine Aboura

    TypeScript is a transpiler. You write your code in TypeScript and you get JavaScript as output (which you can include in your html). There's no performance overhead.


    Such statements about the death of C# are at best hilarious. Claiming that JavaScript is the future and it will replace any other existing languages (including C#) is pure comedy. The only thing certain in JavaScript's future is that it's going to run in it's niche environment (browsers). Only as of recent has it become "popular" to run javascript on the server side (via Node) but I don't see that many people flocking to it (Well, no surprise since people get to choose what to use, unlike in browsers!). JavaScript is a regular scripting language like there are many other out there, with it's flaws (it has many) and avantages. Some people prefer it over others.

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    The only thing certain in JavaScript's future is that it's going to run in it's niche environment (browsers)? JS is gaining space fast on desktop and mobile, but have fun living in denial, while you still can.

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    If javascript/html is the future of Windows programming no wonder the Platform will become irrelevant.

    And buggy++, like so many web sites with horrible javascript hugely cut and pasted from horrible javascript.

    Most apps, metro apps, fanboi apps or android apps are just crap that barely and generally badly imitate a few web pages. 0 innovation 0 relevance. But hundred of thousand of fart apps and news pages.

    WinRT certainly doesn't help as it is so poor. For example go and try to show battery status in a "modern app".

    To be sure, Microsoft is to be commended for looking for a solution to improving the javascript situation. I don't think it will be commended for pushing html/js Win8 apps that will be little more than web pages.

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    C# is THE Future!
    You will see!

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    Hejlsberg are you here?
    What do u think about these comments?

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