It’s all about performance: Using Visual C++ 2012 to make the best use of your hardware

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The Discussion

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    great talk! the effort that went into vs2012 seems tremendous...

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    Nice talk!

    Looking forward to see such optimizations also available to the JIT and NGEN compilers in the .NET platform.

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    Really liked the talk,
    It's quite amazing how the hardware evolved and how the VC team compiler catch up with auto vectorization and parallel constructions with PPL and AMP. Visual Studio 2012 looks amazing. Can wait for this to be mainstream.

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    One thing that really bothered me was the use of "movps" and "pmax". That should probably be "movups" or maybe "movaps" (the other slide used _mm_loadu_ps though) and "pmaxsd".

    And I'm left wondering, is that vectorizor going to emit unaligned loads all over the place? Because that kind of sucks. Ok unaligned loads got a little faster recently, but still.

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