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One day we woke up and things were different. Maybe it happened overnight, maybe it took many years. Suddenly the ASP.NET Web Stack is open source, hosted using Git on CodePlex and taking pull requests from the Mono team. We can run node.js and Java alongside ASP.NET in the Azure Cloud and deploy them easily. The Visual Studio editor supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in a big way. ASP.NET ships not only the open source jQuery library out of the box but also KnockoutJS, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile and Modernizr. The Azure SDKs are hosted on Github. We are scripting thousands of Virtual Machines from the command line while others are creating things today with JavaScript that were impossible yesterday. Join Scott Hanselman as he explores the relationship between the Cloud and the Browser, many Languages and one Languages, how it might all fit together and what comes next. Development is fun again.






B33 McKinley



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The Discussion

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    sure ...i need to watch it  

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    I saw an early preview of this session a month ago and you don't want to miss it! Funny, informative, and thought provoking.

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    aha  of course i love that  

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    it's gonna be totally wow wow session! Smiley

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    Shayan Anique

    This is going to be the best Session Ever

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    it Was Great Session & w/ fun!

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    Atif Shahzad

    Nice Scott well HTML is the next web platform in plan of Microsoft being a LOB developer i want to know can we see HTML as rich for LOB applications like Silverlight.

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    Amazing Scott Hanselman.
    Always pushing ideas and giving new perspectives.

    Mandatory to see if you're a Angle Brackets, Curly Braces Developer.

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    One of the best sessions I've ever seen at PDC/Build! Up there with Box and Sells.

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    As usual one more awesome session from Scott !

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    Excellent stuff. Scott Hanselman may seriously be the best presenter on the planet.

    Dude, seriously, run for President or something. What are you doing messing with curly braces?

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    If I was going to be at an 8:30am session after Beer Fest there was nobody better to entertain than Scott Hanselman.  He blew my mind on a number of occasions regarding the use of JavaScript in the future of computing.   The number of advances and amazing things that the community is already producing are constantly pushing the bar.  It just reiterates for me how cool this stuff is.

    In a quote from "This developers life", you are awesome.

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    For anyone considering watching the video, you should know that although it's slotted as a "300 - Advanced" level course, it's not very technical.

    Scott shows snippets of impressive things that can be done with newer tools, the power of what can be done with JavaScript, etc. And of course he's heavy on humour. But just don't expect it to be a very technical session... maybe more like an entertaining high level overview of some of the cool things that are going on in web development.

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    Still no WYSIWYG design tools for the web...

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    So we are expected to love Javascript now ?
    I guess I am old school, and still like strong typing and intellisense to develop robust production code quickly.

    One day Microsoft will realise just how good Silverlight is, because HTML5/ Javascript has a long way to go to get anywhere near it.

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    Daryn - True.

    Jack - The Web is it's own WYSIWYG tool. Put your browser next to your text editor and make small changes as you refresh. There are plugins that will refresh for you as well.

    Jules - Try TypeScript and it will give you the intellisense and strong typing you want.

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    Can you pls share those links ?

    JavaScript OS, compier, css iphone class, etc.  ?



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