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Bleeding edge ASP.NET: See what is next for MVC, Web API, SignalR and more…

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After shipping ASP.NET 4.5, we were already hard at work on the next version. Come learn about some of the awesome new features coming in our next release. We will show how to write Facebook apps, how to build real time apps, how to host your application in Windows Azure supporting your local Active Directory, enhancements to Web API with OData support and more….

For more information, check out these courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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  • Mark bMark b

    Great presentation. I need to get my hands on the SPA template. Is the preview bits(vs 2012 upgrade) available for download?If not when will the first preview bits be available?

  • @Mark b - Glad you liked it! Yes, you can download the ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update BUILD Preview from http://www.asp.net/vnext.

  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up

    @Mark b: http://www.asp.net/vnext

  • RAHIM MohamedIslamath Software Architecte & Math Fan

    it's Always a pleasure to see ur talks!

    Specially,the  "Buy Her A Present" is a good app idea Smiley

  • Nice talk

  • Colin Houltcolinhoult Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them

    Great talk - really enjoyed it.  I tried installing the Fall 2012 Update, but I didn't get all the templates you showed in the demo.  Would that be because I am using Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web or is it possible I missed something when installing?

  • Please keep these two pieces of comedy gold together at other conferences! Pew! Pew!

  • Would have been awesome to have Damian Edwards.  Holy ASP.NET Trio would have been EPIC!

  • Good Show !

    IntraNet for the cloud is good thinking - more like this !

    Really liked the comparsion between SignalR and animated.GIF.

    You Should do more shows like this - and then also of course somewhere else have somebody explain what you can use SignalR for in "LineOfBusiness"  etc

  • @colinhoult Glad you enjoyed the talk!

    The Fall 2012 Update supports Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web (see release notes) so you should see them. The new templates we showed (Facebook, Single Page Application) are for ASP.NET MVC 4 projects in C# for this preview release, so make sure that's where you're looking.

  • The talk was great...really enjoyed it. Hope to see you guys doing similar talk again soon...

  • Andy PiperAndy Piper

    BTW, gifsockets (mentioned at 21:20) - is an actual project by Alvaro Videla - https://github.com/videlalvaro/gifsockets

    Attribution does not hurt, people.

  • @Andy - Thanks for adding the link to the comment thread. Sorry if you felt it was unattributed, we did mention the project by name and there were not slides shown during this part. I didn't have the github repo URL memorized. Wink

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Yes, and I spoke to Alvaro on twitter and he was very happy. There was no intent to not attribute. As Jon says, it's challenging to remember those things if you had the thought on stage. As I said, we're cool with Alvaro. Sorry if we offended you.

  • Scott, you mentioned a website that has all the TODO apps out there, do you know what's the URL? Thanks.

  • WesselWessel

    Most amazing talk. Informative and entertaining... Great presentation guys!

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Amir - http://addyosmani.github.com/todomvc/

  • TerraTerra

    Scott was really annoying. Interrupting all the time, well it was funny for a short while but then it really just got in the way of learning anything as every time Jon started to give some insight we had to suffer another quip from self proclaimed funnyman Scott H. Keep the routine for a few choice moments otherwise just dont do anymore presentations together. Note to Scott: this kind of routine was funny back mid last decade.

  • Marcus HammarbergMarcus Hammarberg

    Great show!

    Scott was not annoying but rather added my own thoughts and mistakes into the mix. He did what I would do.

    AND he added fun to the mix.

    Loved it all.
    Thanks guys!

  • Thanks Scott

  • AmitAmit

    I wonder why there not a single session on C# or VB.NET? How relevant Asp.Net would be without C# or VB.NET?

  • Aamir HasanAamir Hasan

    Great presentation.. informative

  • Anthony DewhirstAnthony Dewhirst

    Hi Guys,
    Good presentation. Even had my wife laughing. Although, I know what Terra meant (but wouldn't be so blunt) that sometimes points did get lost in the humour, I wouldn't lose the humour though.
    You mentioned something very quickly about a membership provider for yahoo, facebook etc that worked with azure.
    What was this? I see that azure has just made this sort of request free of charge as well. I take it that this is the same thing also? I have always rolled my own provider, but am looking to save users having to do yet another registration process if they don't have to.
    Once last thing on SPA: What's your take on SPA and accessibility?

  • Mahantesh angadiMahantesh angadi

    Your ful detels plz

  • Nice Presentation like as ever

  • asdasd


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