Building data centric applications for web, desktop and mobile with Entity Framework 5.

Play Building data centric applications for web, desktop and mobile with Entity Framework 5.

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    great demo of EF and tempter for WebAPI ! It would be great if all the code [solutions] were available for download (even if Rowan's BingMaps developerid was redacted [although can be seen at 46:30] !)

    Mention of EF6 being open-source and aval as Alpha-1 now but no URL
    - would be good to post somewhere, and mention the 4 contrib items

    The presentation was truncated at the very end talking about EF6, and I presume this to be careless editing rather than NDA.

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    True... great demo! And yes, if it's not NDA, re-edit and post the whole presentation!

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    Super cool session!

    It's impossible that the missing part of this recording is under NDA because this event is not only for people who are under NDA. Also, the project is now Open Source and they shipped the alpha product. So, there is nothing to hide here. 

    Can we please get the whole session recording?

    Also, can we get the source code which has been demoed by Rowan?


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    There was nothing NDA in the last 10min that is missing, I've asked the //build/ team to get video re-published.

    I'm going to publish the source code as part of a short blog post series once I get back from vacation in a couple of weeks. It will be published on


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    Super cool! Thanks Rowan.

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    Hello. I am wondering about the model-first approach. I wish to design a new database using the model designer in VS2012.

    I would like to perform the following steps...

    1. push the model to create the initial database and a table

    2. add data to the table

    3. make a change to the table in the model designer (e.g. add a field)

    4. push the changes to the database (i.e. update the database)


    Please, please tell me Microsoft in all its glory with the release of VS2012, EF 5 and .Net framework 4.5 has not overlooked such a obvious need.

    Any thoughts?

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    @Donna - Currently the EF Designer doesn't have a migrations solution, you need to generate the new create script and then use a schema compare tool to diff the two schemas and generate a change script.

    We realize this is a big gap in the product and we definitely plan to enable it. It was purely time and technical constraints that prevented us doing it for EF5. You can track the scenario here -

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    Varun Maggo

    Salutes to Rowan! Go EF6

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