Building Hybrid Applications using the Windows Azure Service Bus

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In this session, you will learn how the messaging capabilities of Windows Azure Service Bus can be used to interconnect services and apps running in the cloud and on-premises to create reliable, loosely-coupled, hybrid systems. In addition to providing a general introduction to Service Bus and covering recent enhancements to the service, the session will present architectural concepts and code samples showing how to build a real cross-platform hybrid application using Service Bus and other messaging components. As part of that, you’ll see how the industry standard AMQP 1.0 protocol supported by Service Bus makes it simple to integrate components developed using a broad range of programming languages and frameworks, running on a variety of operating systems.






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    Would you please tell me why Relay service is not included in latest release of Windows Server Service Bus? If possible would you please tell me by what time it will be included? We are currently evaluating Service Bus for our next big project.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    @smpatel: First I should say that our goal with Service Bus for Windows Server is to have full symmetry with Azure Service Bus but there are always prioritization issues as to which scenarios to enable first. For our first release of Service Bus for Windows Server, we focused on the brokered messaging capabilities. We're currently in the planning phase for the next release and I don't have dates or a feature set to share - we only released 1.0 last week after all Wink I would be very interested to hear more about you use case for Relay in Windows Server; please send me an email if you have the time to write a few notes. Thanks, Dave.

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    Hi, as an ISV I currently have an app that uses MSMQ, and am interested in looking at moving it to use Service Bus.  The problem I have is we need to be able to scale down to single machine systems running on Windows7/8, are there any plans to allow the install of broker component of Service Bus on a client OS?  Unfortunately these small system sometimes have to work without internet access so using azure as the broker is not an option.  


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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your prompt reply and informative presentation on Service Bus!

    We are a healthcare provider company and currently using IIS 7.5 and AppFabric for our service hosting platform. Till date, we are consuming all these services on intranet. In next major version we will open to internet and anybody can consume these services.

    We are also using NLB to load balance but it doesn't work well with IIS hosted applications. We are concerned about reliability and high availability of services and I think Service Bus is the perfect match for that. I want to use Relay service to avoid connectivity issues between client and services, load balancing and high availability.

    We have written fault tolerant wrapper of service proxy to provide some sort of High Availability but this is not a proper solution.

    I wanted to mail you but I couldn't get your email address. You can reply me on

    Let me know your thoughts.


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    @PerfectPhase: We allow installation of Service Bus on Windows7 and Windows 8 (64bits) using SQL express (either 2008 R2 SP1 or 2012). Note that we don't provide HA in such topologies.

    For systems with no internet connectivity we support setting up Service Bus to use local accounts (when using domain accounts, we require connectivity to your DC).
    Please elaborate on what is missing from MSMQ which lead you to replacing it. MSMQ is optimized to run locally and provide features not available with Service Bus (such as DTC support)

    Ziv, Windows Azure Service Bus team

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    @ZivRaf: Ah!  That's excelent news, I'll have to go and have another look, I stopped when I saw the supported OSs listed are only the server editions here

    The main thing that really intreasts me is making it easier to move some components to azure, without having to go the IAAS route with clusters etc for MSMQ HA.

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    @smpatel: Thanks. I'll email you to continue the discussion. Thanks, Dave.

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