How to Leverage your Code across WP8 and Windows 8

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Windows Phone 8 is built on the same shared core as Windows 8, and this means that developers have the opportunity to deliver applications to both, leveraging much of the same knowledge, tools, code, and assets. In this session, we'll walk through the best practices on how to maximize your code reuse in building applications that target both Windows Phone and Windows 8






B92 Nexus/Normandy



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The Discussion

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    Seems more complicated than iPhone/iPad and android phone/tablet code sharing. Lots of people leaving the session.

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    >> Seems more complicated than iPhone/iPad and android phone/tablet code sharing.

    The appropriate comparison is code sharing between Mac OSX and iPhone/iPad.

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    Can we get any of the demo apps posted for download? As great as hi-res video and a pause button are, it would be really nice to be able to look at some of the code not actually pulled up.

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    Please provide a way to download the code.

    Can't the see the code in the video.

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    @Richard:Depends on how you look at it.  If one is developing for mobile devices, then the comparison is iPhone/iPad vs. Android phone/tablet vs. Windows Phone/WinRT tablet.  I agree OSX is different than iOS but it doesn't matter if I am developing mobile apps.

    Microsoft has its own unique twist on it by trying to integrate all 3 (desktop/tablet/phone), but it looks like it takes alot more work to make a "universal" WP8/WinRT app vs. An iPhone/iPad app.  Hopefully future versions will streamline this process.  Both iOS and Android have been down that path...

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    Unfortunately, the slides are missing for this talk. I really do hope to see them.

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    I would like to echo what VaughnH said. A link to the source would be great.

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    I suspect in time that they will slowly add more shared libraries between WP8 and W8 so that eventually WP8 is not so isolated.

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    Is the API compatibility chart mentioned near the end of this session available as a PDF anywhere?

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    Hi folks,

     Thanks for watching/attending the session. I hope it was helpful. A few updates for you:

    Slides: I am chasing this issue. Hopefully that will be remedied shortly and the slides will be made available.

    API Quickstart Poster: I believe this is the API compatibility chart to which you are referring. I am told that a PDF version will be made publicly available this week.

    Code: We are going to ship the code as a sample on Code Gallery. We hope to make it available in the next few days, but it might be next week by the time we get it uploaded. Thanks for your patience. You can follow me @AndrewJByrne and I will announce updates through twitter too.




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    This session was very informative.Can you post demo code.

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    Windows Phone API QuickStart Poster is now available in PDF format

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    I was using ConcurrentQueue in my win8 app project but it seems System.Collections.Concurrent is not supported in WP8. Any other thread-safe class in WP8 can be used for replacing it?

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    When will you be posting this code.

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    The code for the app shown in this session is now live on MSDN Code Gallery.

    Thanks for your patience, and happy coding!

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