Windows Phone 8: Networking, Bluetooth, and NFC Proximity for Developers

Play Windows Phone 8: Networking, Bluetooth, and NFC Proximity for Developers

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    Fantastic session on connecting Windows Phone applications using the new API's. Great content.

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    Could you put your demo source somewhere we can take a look. Thanks

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    @snekithan, Tim has now posted his samples for this session, here:

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    Uday Gupta


    Indeed a great presentation on Windows Phone 8 Networking.

    Just need to ask you that since IPv6 is now supported on Windows Phone, can it be also used at socket level to communicate to remote server over IPv6, as well as creating listening sockets over IPv6?
    Waiting for reply...
    Uday Gupta

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    Tim Laverty MSFT

    @Uday- you can use IPv6 to create/listen/accept w/ sockets. In my samples I use IPv4 but don't need to.

    Code samples are posted here:

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    How to create httpclient in WP8 C++ ?

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    Hi know where i can get samples for PBAP sample for WP8 Bluetooth

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    Soren Hansn

    So what about Bluetooth Low Energy / Smart???
    It's really REALLY needed for a lot of serious accessories. Right now only iOS got support for it, not quite a big enough market. Please add it as soon as possible!
    Android at least HTC are coming soon with API's as well.

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    The video talks about socket communication between connected apps on different devices. Can I use sockets for the following scenario:

    1. Use Winsock/Managed/WinRT sockets to communicate between ISV Application and OEM services which runs on the same device?

    2. What is the best way to communicate between Foreground ISV application and service (OEM service) which runs on the same device?

    3. Can I use sockets in the background agents to communicate with foreground application?

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    Hafiz Muhammad Shafiq

    When I try to build above given code sample , follow error is generated

    Error 5 The type or namespace name 'CWinsockListener' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:\Users\Shafiq\Downloads\Windows Phone 8 Networking Samples\C#\SimplePhoneSocketListener\SimpleSocketListener\MainPage.xaml.cs 36 39 SimpleSocketListener

    Please help

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    I am trying to run this sample without windows phone via emulator in 2012 visual studio.

    It is not going to run.

    please guide me about steps needed to build this app via emulator

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