Windows Phone 8: Using C++ in your Applications

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C++ isn't only for games! There are a large number of scenarios where you may want to leverage it in developing for Windows Phone, particularly wherever you want to leverage code you've developed for other platforms. In this session, Peter Torr will walk you through these scenarios, and how to best execute on them.






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The Discussion

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    Gilson A Helfer

    Great news!!!

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    At 17:40 of the clip, if I want the 'public ref class' to be inheritable, the 'sealed' must be moved but then I can't compile it successfully. In win8 app the class should be derived from an existing unsealed base class such as Windows::UI::Xaml::DependencyObject ( In wp8, should I derive it from System.Windows::DependencyObject? I tried but the namespace "System" can't be found. Do I miss anything?

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    Yanger, WinRT doesn't really support the notion of inheritance for classes. A special case is made for XAML controls in Windows 8, but we don't support C++ XAML on Windows Phone 8.

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    Please note that the slides available on this page are NOT the ones I presented; please see the slides from the repeat talk to get the actual slides (but sadly several of my demos failed during that talk, so you should watch the video on this page!)

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    Well, I hope that somebody in Microsoft realized that Windows8/WP8 is only platform on world which have different language set and even really big changes in API for tablet/mobile platforms ?

    All of us, who spent lot of man-hours with moving their projects C++ into WinRT/C++/CX for Windows8, is good to know that we can't use them on WP8 and we have to rewrite them to C#/C++ mixed mode or to DirectX.


    Maybe developers in MS start thinking - why I should learn two languages and two slightly different API's when iOS and Android needs only changes in UI files and code behind can be almost universal for tablet/mobile platforms ? Sometimes it looks that part of MS developers want continue in C++ and part of MS developers want keep up with .NET


    And we, 3rd party developers which are pushed to use Visual Studio because there is no support for 3rd part tools and WinRT/WP8 , now have to use C++ for DX games (RIP XNA) and C# for XAML UI and C++ for components/reusing old code.


    How, the hell, can be problematic support C++ XAML on WP8 ? Performance of mobiles is almost same as performance of Surface Sad((

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    kenneth bullock

    Your website is broken, and is a piece of * trash. good day.

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