Xbox Live on Windows 8 Deep Dive

Play Xbox Live on Windows 8 Deep Dive

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    Basic summary for non-Xbox LIVE developers: here's a bunch of stuff you can do with Xbox LIVE, but to actually get access you have to be incredibly lucky and be selected to join the program.

    At //build2011, it was stated that anybody will 'soon' be able to apply for Xbox LIVE API access. It's been a year, and so far...nothing.

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    Michael Hansen

    you can see this head line in a couple of news website and more to come, i think this has to stop, how can you thrust a company like this
    invested dollars and time , in this is useless

    "Microsoft lies to it developers"

    as we all have been wating for ever sens 2011 at microsoft build

    where microsoft promise to openup xbox live to all developers

    you can see more about this, here in video , and slides

    but now at build 2012 ,, this has not happen ,, microsoft is * it developers

    who has backing microsoft up with 120.000 apps and games on windows phone 7 ,7.5

    we where all hoping that microsoft has kept it prommise to it developers

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