Building world-ready Windows Store apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Play Building world-ready Windows Store apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
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With the Windows Store you can publish your app in more than 200 markets, with a reach of over 4.5 billion people.  To support that global reach, Windows 8 will ship with 109 languages and is designed to work better in more locales all over the world.  With Visual Studio, it has never been easier to build an app that is world-ready.  In this session we’ll show you how to localize your app by separating the code from any user interface text that must be translated. We’ll show you how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to globalize your app, so that it supports the cultural needs required by users around the world. Finally, we’ll show you the tools you need for testing and translating world-ready apps.






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    How about some useful c# Windows store app vids? Windows store app  tag sure brings up a lot basic js webpage cum app stuff... ...

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