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    Focus on C#... no one in their clear mind is going to use any other "core" technology to build apps. The reason - javascript sucks, C++ does not run on RT.

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    C++ does run on RT. You're not building conventional C++ windows applications, but using the the new WinRT infrastructure, but that does support C++ development on both Pro and RT versions of Windows.

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    While XNA is not available on Windows RT the open source monogame project supports the XNA 4.0 API on windows RT and Windows 8. A number of games in the store already use this (!ARMED and Draw a stick man epic adventure for example)

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    This seems to have turned into a mess. c# is there somewhere but apparently incomplete (as are perhaps the other Lang in the vid).

    Does anyone even know what is going on with XNA are we to expect at any point its going to turn up in a win store app compatible form? Or is MS suggesting go straight to DX (even via SharpDX) suggestions like monogame seem like a half way workaround...

    Btw poor show so far on the .net front for this conf.

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    What do you mean when you say C# is incomplete?

    And I think it can be assumed by now that XNA is not being pushed any further. Some of the XNA developer team at Microsoft moved to the Windows Phone team, others moved to Xbox Games teams, and others (Nick Gravelyn) quit their jobs altogether.

    If you stick with Microsoft-sanctioned approached, you're stuck (for now) with HTML5/JS, C#/XAML, C++/XAML, or C++/D3D.

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    @Steve: It is funny how people still complains about JavaScript when there are a lot of cool games created using it with HTML5. Obviously you won't be able to create powerful games or apps like you do on C++ or C#, buy why do you want to use a Ferrari when you only need to drive at 25 mph?

    Even not only for gaming, there are cool things for data driven apps that can be done on Javascript, like this D3 examples

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    What i don't understand is why microsoft themselves did not release the current XNA as opensource or maybe donated the XNA code to Monogame. Monogame is very impressive but is not yet complete (3D support in Monogame was not available in the beginning and sound support is not complete either). Microsoft could do lots to help the the people using XNA but they just left them to fence for themselves. This is very annoying move from Microsoft this is the second managed game framework they just abandons.

    I am also a little angry about the current status of Silverlight. Silverlight had a future as a cross-platform business application framework my company had plans to make a couple of Silverlight apps (and maybe switch our entire intranet to Silverlight) for our intranet. But now we are planning to switch to other solutions.

    This behavior from Microsoft makes my company question not to invest time and money on other Microsoft technologies.

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