Introduction to creating Windows Store apps using HTML and JavaScript

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In this talk we'll cover the basics of creating a Windows Store app experience using HTML and JavaScript, including the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). Topics will include how to leverage your existing HTML and JavaScript skills, how to integrate Windows 8 personality and contracts into your app, and how Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 provides tools to make this easy and fast.






B33 Kodiak



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The Discussion

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    Fantastic talk. I really appreciated how the presenters took us deep, quickly. One hundred thumbs up. Looking forward to running through this again once it's available online.

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    The reason why the entire background turned red is that you injected your page into document.body. The element argument for the "processed" event for this page injection would then be document.body, thus painting the document.body background to red. If you were to inject the page into a div for example, then only the div's background would turn red.

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    Very good session. I like how the session covered a lot of basic + advance things along with the explanation on why we are doing things in a particular way.

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    Seo beautiful and impressive video

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    NUFC Forum

    <a href="">NUFC Forum</a> beautiful and impressive video

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    I am unable to play/download this video. Is there any other location I can watch this video? Please suggest..

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