Performance tips for Windows Store apps using XAML

Play Performance tips for Windows Store apps using XAML

The Discussion

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    Great session... best content of the day, This is why I pay to come here...

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    This was my favorite session so far. Great content, and Kiran really knows his XAML performance. Very helpful. Hope to see more 400-level sessions like this!!!

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    Where can I find the batch file that you used in your demo?

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    kiran kumar

    You can create your batch file, here are the content of that batch file
    @if %_echo%!==! echo off

    set UserOptions=-BufferSize 1024 -MinBuffers 32 -MaxBuffers 32 -Buffering
    set KernelOptions=-BufferSize 1024 -MinBuffers 64 -MaxBuffers 64 -Buffering

    xperf -start xaml_user -on "Microsoft-Windows-XAML::5"+perftrack %UserOptions%
    xperf -on base+cswitch %KernelOptions%

    xperf -m BeginTrace
    echo Event listeners started, run desired scenario then press any key
    xperf -m EndTrace

    echo stopping xaml_kernel...
    xperf -flush -f xaml_kernel.etl
    xperf -stop

    echo stopping xaml_user...
    xperf -flush xaml_user -f xaml_user.etl
    xperf -stop xaml_user

    echo merging to xaml_merged.etl...
    xperf -merge xaml_user.etl xaml_kernel.etl xaml_merged.etl

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    This is a great session Kiran, xperf, WPA and DebugSettings are great tools for XAML Windows store app developers.

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    Great session and very informative. Lots of fundamental topics were covered which is essential for improving the performance.

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    Does anyone else have problems finding the XAML events discussed in the video? I used the batch file Kiran pasted above, but have no XAML events when I open the logfiles it makes in WPA. 

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    I wrote an step-by-step article based on Kiran's presentation which might help your find the xaml startup events.

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