Performance tips for Windows Store apps using XAML

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Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) offers a wealth of features that enable developers and designers to build more and more amazing and complex apps. But with great power comes great responsibility. Come learn the tricks to keeping your XAML-based Windows Store apps smooth and responsive, and find out about tools to light your way if you should find yourself in the dark!

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For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

The Discussion

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    Great session... best content of the day, This is why I pay to come here...

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    This was my favorite session so far. Great content, and Kiran really knows his XAML performance. Very helpful. Hope to see more 400-level sessions like this!!!

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    Where can I find the batch file that you used in your demo?

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    kiran kumar

    You can create your batch file, here are the content of that batch file
    @if %_echo%!==! echo off

    set UserOptions=-BufferSize 1024 -MinBuffers 32 -MaxBuffers 32 -Buffering
    set KernelOptions=-BufferSize 1024 -MinBuffers 64 -MaxBuffers 64 -Buffering

    xperf -start xaml_user -on "Microsoft-Windows-XAML::5"+perftrack %UserOptions%
    xperf -on base+cswitch %KernelOptions%

    xperf -m BeginTrace
    echo Event listeners started, run desired scenario then press any key
    xperf -m EndTrace

    echo stopping xaml_kernel...
    xperf -flush -f xaml_kernel.etl
    xperf -stop

    echo stopping xaml_user...
    xperf -flush xaml_user -f xaml_user.etl
    xperf -stop xaml_user

    echo merging to xaml_merged.etl...
    xperf -merge xaml_user.etl xaml_kernel.etl xaml_merged.etl

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    This is a great session Kiran, xperf, WPA and DebugSettings are great tools for XAML Windows store app developers.

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    Great session and very informative. Lots of fundamental topics were covered which is essential for improving the performance.

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    Does anyone else have problems finding the XAML events discussed in the video? I used the batch file Kiran pasted above, but have no XAML events when I open the logfiles it makes in WPA. 

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    I wrote an step-by-step article based on Kiran's presentation which might help your find the xaml startup events.

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