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    Joe Plante

    The Xbox 360 had XNA, which was a wonderful API for making games on the 360. PLEASE tell me that the Xbox One will have something like it

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    @Joe Plante:the xbox one HAS NO SUPPORT FOR INDIE DEVELOPERMENT OR EVEN SMALL STUDIOS , you have to pointed out by microsoft or a publisher like EA,Ubisoft ,Activision

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    @EvoFxStudio: Currently Microsoft has not announced anything about indie development on the Xbox One other than this: . Since that statement comes from Don Mattrick (head of IEB (the division that includes Xbox)), and no one more senior than him has said anything different, there's really no information beyond that. Your statement makes it seem like it's impossible for indie games to exist on the Xbox One, which simply isn't true. There currently is no self publishing story for indies for Xbox One, but indies who have a publisher could target the Xbox One (as long as their publisher is good with it). And who knows what the future holds.

    The Build conferences have always been about Windows (and Windows Phone and Windows Azure) development. Game development is part of this, of course, but game development for Xbox is a separate thing and as Ballmer said in the Day One Keynote, this conference isn't going to be about Xbox (or Office 365 or Skype).

    I too hope that Microsoft will have an indie developer program along the lines of XNA Creators Club/Xbox LIVE Indie Games. I would be amazed if such a program started out anytime earlier than 2014. Why? Because there is only so much time and so many people so they need to prioritize their goals. Launching the system and ensuring that the launch titles are as awesome as possible is undoubtedly the highest priority right now. Once launch begins to wind down (and remember that launch won't happen in parts of Asia until 2014), there should be more resources for adding something like XNA/XBLIG. Remember than XNA/XBLIG didn't launch until a couple of years after the Xbox 360 launched.

    So be patient and remember that there are 70+ million Xbox 360s out there right now. Those systems won't all disappear the day the Xbox One launches and it'll probably be at least 1-2 years before there are more people regularly playing the Xbox One/PS4 generation than there are people regularly playing the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. So develop great games for those millions of people playing their 360s now using XNA Game Studio and hopefully in a year or two Microsoft will have a similar program ready to go for Xbox One, which would mesh quite nicely with when there will likely be enough Xbox One owners to create a good market for indie games. That's just my personal take on it, though.

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    Does anyone know when this presentation is going to be uploaded?

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    +1 to ColeRowland's question. When will this talk be viewable?

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    @mikebmcl:thanks for the info i did not read this

    but i think microsoft shod have talk about support for Every one who like to program

    in terms that google and apple are building a game console for the tv

    and you can by these to this Christmas 2013

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    Taylor Ringo

    What Windows 8.1 really needs for independent game developers is an achievement API that uses Windows Live.

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    I had to stop watching half-way through when the off-camera guy kept clearing his throat in my ears now and again.

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    @Joe Plante: I read something about 9 months ago about how SharpDX was being embraced within Microsoft as a replacement for XNA.  It's an open source .Net library, but it's more of a direct wrapper for DirectX,

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    well let me put this in some context

    a multibillion dollar company that CAN NOT afford a small indie game framework

    like the XNA with it limitations it has compared to the real XBOX 360 dev kit

    this is verry low, very low..

    i can understand why people has left and developers a going away and never look back

    what did microsoft do with windows phone 8 sdk,, release 1 month before christmas

    to all the sals from them self,, let go back to windows phone 7 many people invested dollars and time,, and just to called a BETA TESTER in a microsoft / nokia ads for the TV screen

    wicth ran all over the world,, that is the worst thing you can ever call a small developer team

    who fight every day , in order to program great stuff for the microsoft platform

    and it look like the same stuff is going to happen this year with Xbox one

    i think it is the big mistake , just like windows 8 was , on tablets = REMOVE the desktop for tablets, and keep it for notebooks and desktop systems

    it only signal that if somtning goes wrong , i will recover to the desktop on arm

    it is not working even in 8.1 

    microsoft has loop back to 1998 , and restarted there platform

    and we all know when xp was released in 2001 

    so there is 3 to 4 years for windows 8 and foward to make the big stage where people like the os

    plain and simple,, look at the graphics driver for the surface arm tablet

    it is powered by a RIVA TNT 2 128MB graphics driver for the tegra3 chip

    and that driver is from 1998,, it says everything that is why microsoft has closed down the os for arm you can not by it,, it comes installed default

    i have peek at the os and there are some really old stuff inside this os 40 of all dll are from windows NT 1996-2001

    and the space on the diskdrive is to big, microsoft need an os around 1 to 1.7 gb

    nothing more,, why is there drivers inside the os for printers all the way back to 1999

    just to point it out ,, a long way to go micrsoft,, but i like the lumia 800 phone

    it is the best phone , better than iphone or android ,, no ? about that


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    XNA is already available for windows 8.x via the open source MonoGame project. In fact MonoGame has had support for Windows 8 for over a year now. So if you like the XNA api, it lives on in the OSS world. 

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