What's New in Windows Runtime for Windows 8.1

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    Mr wang

    Thanks a lot

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    Hello Inbox...

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    LOL that giant ball almost destroyed the set.

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    The demo was cool.
    But, how is it possible for such an event not to hide wires on the set? We almost can see the Surface tablets because of this.

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    What the hell...
    I can't watch Windows event on WINDOWSPHONE, it's says "sorry, we can't play this file on your phone".
    now I realize why Android is better better.

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    I soooo wanted the roboball demo to work! Smiley Presenting the content in first-person narrative was a little distracting, though I liked that it told a continuous app use case/story. Would have preferred a straighter, less scripted presentation in second person narrative, as if you are pretending the audience is doing the work and you're just guiding them through the process. 

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    Thanks for the great news. However did not really like the presentation style. Information density was much to low. Please no theater at build conferences.

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    A few tips:

    1) Stick to traditional presentations. A lot of time was wasted with filler "play" material.
    2) Neena sounded like she was reading from a memorized script. It made her sound disingenuous. Maybe take some presentation classes.
    3) The constant context switching between various code and editors was hard to follow.

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    I really do see the advantage of using Windows 8 apps in scenarios like these, such as building your own lemonade stand. At this point, however, my biggest problem with Windows 8 is that the only distribution option for me is to go through the store (or run it in on a debug machine), which eliminates Windows 8 apps as an alternative for scenarios like these all together.

    Why would I want to go through the store or pay massive amounts for enterprise options when all I want to do is to make my own app for my own lemonade stand?

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    Agree with Justin above. This was hard to watch. A little fake company / demo stuff is nice, but the forced dialogue and theatrics were a little too much. 

    The subject is interesting enough to us developers.

    A good example would be people like Scott Hanselmann or ScottGu. They have their random comedy bits but they stay on point majority of the time. 

    Sorry if this sounds hostile. Not meant to be. Just honest criticism. 

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    Apart from theatrics and dialogue, the presentation was nice and informative..Windows 8.1 / VS 2013 looks cool with new features and great scope for developing market savvy and useful apps..Looks promising..Hats off to the team..

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    She pronounced 'Jhon' for 99999999999 times...

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