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    I was very pleased with the presentation and the improvements, but they aren't good enough for my apps. I was disappointed with the Hub control. My apps need more than 3 levels in the hierarchy which is currently limited to Hub, Sections and Details. I need Sub-Details, Sub-Sub-Details, and so on down. The 3 levels are good enough, say, for newspaper-like apps, but certainly not enterprise apps that need the full linguistic range (ie, any depth) to express detailed contextual meaning. Semantic Zoom would be perfect for my users to zip up and down the z-axis to any depth my app design needs. But how to do this with the fixed 3-level Hub control? It doesn't sound like it is possible. What Windows 8.n needs is a good Hub TreeView.

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    @rtischer8277 the hub control is only the first level.  You control the launching points from there.  This is a pattern where the main navigation Starts from that hub experience of heterogeneous content.

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    The hub control is a great new tool - but unfortunately in 2013 Preview it does not work in Blend, see:

    Any ideas if in 2013 RTM it will work in Blend?

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