Windows Phone: This App Is Brought to You by MVVM– Hulu Case Study

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The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern is driving many of the most powerful apps in the Windows Phone ecosystem. This talk will give a practical overview of implementing MVVM and how to get the greatest benefit from this pattern. We will discuss the basics of MVVM in the context of a publically available Windows Phone-Philips Hue demo and then shift the discussion to see the benefits the Hulu team derived from the MVVM pattern, which they used to share code when developing for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.





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The Discussion

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    Awesome video, thank you.

    For someone who has not written a wp8 or w8 app yet, and definitely wants to use MVVM for my first WP8 app:  

    If I read material on MVVM, and learn it pretty well, but choose to actually use MVVMLight for my first project, would this not be recommended?

    I'm thinking I should maybe implement this pattern, manually, for my first app to absorb the mechanics of it, or maybe it wouldn't matter ...


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    Hey Steve,

    If I may chime in here, I would definitely suggest you would implement MVVM manually at least once to really understand the mechanics of it. MVVMLight (and similar frameworks/toolkits) abstract away a lot of the internals, which makes it easier on developers, but also prohibits you from really understanding the proper way to use the pattern (in my opinion).

    On my blog I have two solutions (one for Windows Phone 7&8 and one for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 7&8) that both implement MVVM manually. You can take a look there to see how I've done it and hopefully it will help in understanding the pattern a bit better! (Can't post the links here, but look for Rajen's Technical Tidbits / Windows starting template or Windows Phone starting template in your favorite search engine)


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    Thanks Rajen, that was what I was steering toward. I will seek out your blog and read that. Appreciate your reply.

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