Windows Phone: This App Is Brought to You by MVVM– Hulu Case Study

Play Windows Phone: This App Is Brought to You by MVVM– Hulu Case Study

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    Awesome video, thank you.

    For someone who has not written a wp8 or w8 app yet, and definitely wants to use MVVM for my first WP8 app:  

    If I read material on MVVM, and learn it pretty well, but choose to actually use MVVMLight for my first project, would this not be recommended?

    I'm thinking I should maybe implement this pattern, manually, for my first app to absorb the mechanics of it, or maybe it wouldn't matter ...


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    Hey Steve,

    If I may chime in here, I would definitely suggest you would implement MVVM manually at least once to really understand the mechanics of it. MVVMLight (and similar frameworks/toolkits) abstract away a lot of the internals, which makes it easier on developers, but also prohibits you from really understanding the proper way to use the pattern (in my opinion).

    On my blog I have two solutions (one for Windows Phone 7&8 and one for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 7&8) that both implement MVVM manually. You can take a look there to see how I've done it and hopefully it will help in understanding the pattern a bit better! (Can't post the links here, but look for Rajen's Technical Tidbits / Windows starting template or Windows Phone starting template in your favorite search engine)


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    Thanks Rajen, that was what I was steering toward. I will seek out your blog and read that. Appreciate your reply.

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