Windows Phone Game Development Basics

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    Israel Guberman

    Com o meu inglês???????? entendi tudo. Faça um resumo pois sua voz eu reconheci. Lembra muito a do Jololão. Não deixe de fazer um resumo.
    Seu avó que muito lhe ama e admira. Sucessos. Israel

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    The Indie Windows Phone Games Market has collapsed. And has stalled since Microsoft dropped XNA. The Windows 8 Indie Game market is pretty empty reflecting this failed strategy.

    very few developers want to 'go back' to doing Native C++, Direct X programming. We gave up on that technology 6 years ago, when the great XNA technology enabled us to develop reasonable games much faster.

    So Microsoft platforms are now in steep decline, with developers, because they failed to engage .NET developers. So long Microsoft. We have moved onto MonoGame and XMarine .NET platforms for Android, Sony Playstation etc.

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