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    So the Feature we really really want is on Slide 23: "XNA for WinRT"
    When is that Comming ?

    Otherwise OK

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    by the time ppl start using this, msft will release vs2014 with .net ??

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    Forget .NET. Mono supports all platforms and is innovating. Microsoft is going to dump .NET for HTML/Javascript sooner or later anyway (all of the Metro apps are written in HTML/Javascript)... That's gotta say something.

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    @John: You are right there certainly is a lot of focus towards that area but everything that runs server side is still going to need .NET (ASP.NET and MVC) unless you see node.js taking over there too. I get the feeling the HTML/JavaScript approach is to lower the expertise level the developer needs so it encourages others to code for MS platforms.

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    Microsoft's been jackin' it to HTML for over a year now, and it's just ridiculous.  I believe it's just to court more lower skilled developers to quickly build apps for the Microsoft store, since that will increase the silly app count /and/ Microsoft gets 30% of that revenue.  What do they get from desktop development?  Nothing.  Hopefully the focus will switch back once the WinRT ecosystem has stabilized.

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    @John: Actually, the new built-in Alarm and Calculator apps were developed with XAML.

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    - Strengthen NET for interactive installations and entertainment (kinect2, 3D render decent, big media, xboxone ... ect etc).

    - Adobe AIR for WinRT and WinPhone (small indie games) = thousands of games ready for the shop windowphone, thousands of developers and graphics

    - On this forum: put before the recent interventions

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    Yes the XMarine conference was really wow and exciting prospect for .NET developers, those guys really getting .NET across the platforms. So we can migtrate all our .NET code and skills into developing for Android devices.

    BUILD 2013 has finally demonstrated that Microsoft not really into .NET development anymore, dominated by loads of Javascript and HTML.

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    Don't know why everyone is jumping the gun and saying garbage about Microsoft not being interested in .NET anymore. They didn't say anything about Windows 9 at Build 2013, must be that they are dropping operating systems now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGOMG11!1

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    I think that only ASP MVC will be the only technology that will survive from the .Net stack. WPF && Silverlight == dead. plus .Net is not cross-platform(Mono is a joke anyway) and !openSource. So it's very hard for .NET to survive, it was great 8-9 years ago but now I don't think so. Maybe it's time for something new. A combination of HTML 5 and Dart or HTML 5 and TypeScript.

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    I get a much more positive view of the .net development future than many of the comments here are expressing. Microsoft has said numerous times in the build 2013 sessions that they're working on enabling technologies to help tool up for a new development cadence. That's got to be a major undertaking in and of itself! The last application I did used meta-programming tools that had to be written before the core application was written. It took a bit of time to come up with the initial tools, but once they existed they were generating thousands of lines of code for us and cut our development time / effort by an estimated 70%. If Microsoft is following a similar effort the results should be a much easier and less complicated process to develop future versions of the .net framework. Give them a break, and show some faith!

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    mono is promise.
    But, what for .NET anymore ?

    while there available an WOW solution like
    - NodeJS for server side. (to replace WCF or .NET server)
    - Backbone/Angular/you name it.. for client (to replace ASP.NET MVC)
    - Typescript...anyone ??

    Well, microsoft doing right to dump .NET(XAML & friends)

    Go with Javascript microsoft !!

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    @John: You are wrong. In fact, the number of .NET apps in the Windows 8 Store is much higher (more than double) than the number of HTML/WinJS apps in the store. "That's gotta say something". :)

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