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This is a fast-paced session taking you through a tour of the new features available to C++ developers in Visual Studio 2013. This talk will cover the breadth of the Visual C++ tools including targeting Windows 8.1, C++11 language conformance, new REST libraries, compiler optimizations that make your code run faster, as well as the improved productivity features in the IDE for editing, debugging and diagnosing applications. Don’t miss it!





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The Discussion

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    The video cuts out just as he starts answering questions. Sad

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    I want C++/CLI and P/Invoke for Windows Mobile 8. No developer cares about WinRT; if they did then sales wouldn't be so miserable.

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    nimble finger

    This session is supposed to be about C++ but the code he shows is C++/cx.

    C++/cx is disgusting to my eyes and i find it offensive that is is used in a C++ session.

    C++/CX is microsofts desperate and disgusting attempt at forcing people to use C# syntax. Microsoft's way of asking: "Please use C# instead of C++" and the or-else "or you will not be able to use our new features".

    If you want me to get locked in, at least offer a free cyanide pill !

    I'm very disappointed by how microsoft is handling this.

    I want to use pure C++ because it can be compiled with gcc and clang.

    To keep my options open and ready to jump ship when i finally have had enough of microsofts crap and treatment of C++ developers and the fact that C++ developers are getting the apple treatment.

    Windows could have been so great but microsoft is fracking it up.
    Virtual limitations and exploitative lock-in schemes.

    Microsoft is giving the middle finger to C++ and open source while lying and saying micrsoft supports c++ and open source community.

    Talk is just bullshit and empty words, actions speak your intentions.

    Why do i even bother ranting, microsoft do not really listen to feedback. The removal of the windows 7 start menu is evidence to that.
    Even the forced metro interface on desktop computers is evidence to that.

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    @Londey: That's unfortunate Sad There were some really good questions from the audience. I really love these lively interactive sessions. If you have a question, feel free to ask it here and I'll respond.

    @electricninja33: We really wanted to invest in one good way for C++ and C# interop on the phone and provide a great experience for that one. Investing in two alternate and almost equivalent ways of interop would make neither of them great.

    @nimblefinger: C++/CX is used in only one example on one slide (slide 11; titled C++/CX). All other examples are just regular C++. With that said, I understand that you are expressing your lack of love for C++/CX given your focus on cross-platform code and that you want to see cross-platform ISO C++. We're actually doing quite a bit for ISO C++. Herb's talk (session 2-306; can't link to it for some reason) has more on our roadmap there and what we shipped in VS2013.


    Tarek Madkour {Visual C++ Team, Microsoft }


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    Nimble Fingers, the C++/CX is an extension of the C++/11 ISO/IEC 14882:2011(E) specification.  Visual Studio 2013 does compile nearly "pure" C++/11 if you set your compilation settings correctly, it doesn't out of the box.

    I appreciate your desire for "pure" but the 11 years of no advancement meant that there was a bleed off of people who cared about C++.  With the release of 11 and another hopefully in 2014 this will change.

    But I think that if you want to compile code that works on gcc then Visual Studio is the better choice.

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