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Windows 8.1 makes it easy for you to create apps that control devices using the Human Interface Devices (HID) industry standard. This session goes deep into the design of the new Windows Runtime HID API and walks you through the API and its functionality. It also demonstrates a custom HID peripheral to show you how to write apps that discover and communicate with HID devices using input, output, and feature reports.





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The Discussion

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    Will the GUI for appmanifest include a UI for adding the info in Win8.1 RTM or will we need to add/edit in XML file?


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    I searched both my Windows 8 Pro PC with VS2012 and my vm where I installed Windows 8.1 Preview, VS2013 Pro and the WDK for 8.1 but I could not find the HCLIENT tool that was mentioned in the video. Where can I get the HClient tool? 

    Ok, I see that I misunderstood. The HClient is actually a sample App that needs to be built. I thought is was a compiled tool provided in the WDK.

    HClient does not run in Dialog mode on Windows 8.1 Preview.


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    I used the HClient to find the UsagePage and ID of a USB device - I picked up a different brand launcher. It's info is UsagePage: 0x0001 and ID:0x0010. I noticed I read something about a range of UsagePages that RT would disallow - and I think the 0x0001 is defined as a pointer.

    In the app when I call FromIdAsync - the HidDevice returned is null. I know the device works on the tablet because I have used HIDLibrary - to access and control it. I think something in winRT is blocking the device because of the Usage Page.

    For the HClient tool, I modified it a bit so that it wouldn't keep exiting on invalid devices. At some point on a failed open - the app would stop and not show all the valid HID devices.

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    @shaggygi: You will need to hand-edit the XML file for now. We will consider your ask for a UI front-end for this.

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    @Ben: Not all brands of the missile launcher are compatible (unfortunately). In our testing, the "Classic" launcher works best.

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    Opening comments...

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    Question from Pratibha: I want to know if the app can interact with only vendor specified usage pages or very specific usage pages like Digitizer ?

    @Pratibha: Please refer to this page "Limitations of the HID API" and let us know if that answers your question.


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