Power Up Your Desktop App with Windows 8.1

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Delight users of your desktop apps by taking advantage of platform advances in rich animations, touch, and high-DPI displays. In this talk for Win32 developers who use C++, we'll take a walk through each of these advances and direct you to deep dives for each topic.





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South Hall: Esplanade 307



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The Discussion

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    How to power up desktop app on windows? Port windows runtime to desktop ('cmon it's easy), and you will have a good MFC replacement...

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    Brian Clarke

    Simply one of the proudest days of my life. Great presentation James, very well done. BAC

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    Sven Groot

    Man, I really needed this per monitor DPI stuff two years ago. I had a Vaio Z which had a full 1080p 13" screen, about 170DPI effectively, but I frequently used it on a regular 23" 1080p external monitor. The result was that I was constantly changing the DPI setting (which meant logging out and back in) based on what monitor I was primarily working on at any one time.

    I'm really, really happy this support has finally been added to Windows. Props, guys!

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    00:55:30 - ooo, did they ever used MacBook?

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    Alex Huang

    Is there any document about "Precision TouchPad"? Samples codes or SDK? I tried to install Windows 8.1 in SurfacePro, but seems no same experience like yours in demo. I also implemented WM_POINTER and DirectManipulation but that is only for mouse/touch, but not touchpad.

    Thanks. Alex

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