Apps for Bluetooth, HID, and USB Devices

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    Dongsun Lim

    Hi Ellick. Good job! :)

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    Ellick, where can we purchase USB/RS485 ( serial ) devices that support Win8.1 and the new USB APIs?  My company uses FTDI products a good bit and they have replied that they are not able to support WinRT because Microsoft will not allow them to use their drivers.  Apparently they don't use WinUsb, so we need to know what devices can be a substitute.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    @shaggygi: Shaggygi ... There are currently no USB-RS485 devices that we know of, which load WinUSB (using the MS OS Descriptor) to use on a Win8 RT system. If we do come across an instance, we will update this post. Thx.

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    When will the equivalent be coming to Windows Phone 8?

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