What's New in Direct3D 11.2

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    Finally stuff I am interested in. Can't wait.

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    Hope this time AMD and NVIDIA won't invent another excuse to not support a SOFTWARE update of direct3d, like it was the feature level 11.1 (yes, a software updates, where the most interesting thing was UAVs on all stages, not supported by nvidia and only with new "cool" cards by AMD.... but they didn't say that the same feature is available on ogl 4.3, that all sm 5.0 -  dx11 GPUs can support... ) 

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    Leandro S

    Direct3D ou DirectX?

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    Will this not be available in the livestream :( ?

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    It is a real shame that this is not available on the live stream. I'm assuming that  it will be available later consumption. 

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    According to video, mappable default buffers are only for compute buffers, not Texture. What about Vertex/index buffers?
    Will that change on final version of W8.1?
    It would be nice for example to perform some CPU postproccesing on rendertargets, animate skyboxes on the fly (plasma clouds?) while GPU is rendering the main scene, or manipulate vertices (waves, particles, skinning).
    Perhaps we could offload some work to those idle CPU cores now that the cost of moving data to/from GPU is not an issue.

    I guess this feature is somewhat related to AMD hUMA, So I expect to see it only on next-gen cards.

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