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Creating efficient, high-performing apps is critical as apps grow in complexity while users also embrace low-power devices. The XAML framework has abstracted many of the details of app development, which makes it faster for you to develop apps but harder to control the performance. Learn how we’ve doubled down on improving overall framework performance so that apps perform well from the start. We’ll also share tips to make sure your app is getting the most out of the framework, and techniques for tweaking problematic scenarios to the needs of your app.


Windows 8.1, XAML





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The Discussion

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    Hi Kiran - a quick question.  At approx. the 37 minute mark you discuss the EnableFrameRateCounter setting.  The display that corresponds to this setting in 8.1 has changed from what was displayed in 8.0, and doesn't seem to correspond to the online documentation.  The existing documentation refers to 6 elements (Cp fps, UI fps, Memory, batch, CP ms, UI ms)  https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/windows.ui.xaml.debugsettings.enableframeratecounter.aspx

    Can you clarify what the specific values are that are being displayed in the new 8.1 UI?

    Thank you

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    Yes, the display on 8.1 Is different from 8.0. In newer version we have 4 values. two on left side and 2 on right side of the screen. Left shows the UI thread FPS, UI thread Per frame cost. Right one shows DWM FPS and per frame cost.



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    Thanks Kirin - great info. In your presentation, you mention both the recorder/analysis profiles are included in the toolkit installation. I've got the toolkit (Windows ADK) installed, but I can't find the "XAML Application Analysis" profile anywhere. Could you provide additional details on where we can find (or download) this profile?

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    Great session.

    I'm also looking for a profile "XAML Application Analysis" of the WPR. My windows 8.1 preview  installed vs2013 preview, can't find it. Please tell us.

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    There are two ways to get these tools.

    1. If you have installed VS Express or ultimate

    2. from "www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30652"

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    Found it - you need the Windows 8.1 SDK Preview installed to get the XAML profiles.

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    Sounds good. I found it too. Thank you Doug.

    Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 preview.


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    Kiran, gr8 session.

    You mentioned that ScrollViewer delegates scrolling animations to the Render Thread which we do not have control over. But that means we can't enable other manipulations in the ScrollViewer right? For example, I (always)wanted to be able to slide horizontally in a (vertically scrolling) ScrollViewer and that will be challenge, because as soon as I subscribe to Manipulation events on ScrollViewer I will have to manage the vertical scrolling from code, but I'll not be able to delegate it to the RenderThread ?

    While we get gr8 performance etc. these limitations do restrict us from creating 'immersive experiences'


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