Accelerating Windows Store Game Development with Middleware

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    Considering that MonoGame was one of the first frameworks that allowed you to release your games on Windows 8 and Window Phone 8, even ahead of Unity3D, I'm disappointed it wasn't given more air time, or that any demos of it running on Windows were shown.

    Also you neglected to mention 2 of the biggest XNA games that were ported to other platforms using MonoGame, namely Bastion, from Supergiant Games, and Fez by Polytron Corporation!


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    MS should give more support to Monogame team, its amazing!

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    Ditto for SharpDX, ... some of the games use sharpdx either directly (Win8 Solitaire, Win8 Mahjong, Win8 Minesweeper, ...) or through monogame (Armed!, ...).

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